Jun 26, 2010

Know Your enemy

Reveal Your enemy’s identity

Many times we have people working against us wishing to harm us. Sometimes in order to defend ourselves , we need to know their identities which is often an utter hard task , because we cannot really fight unknown enemy, rather we can fight his actions and reverse them .That shall, indirectly cause them to pay for what they have done, but will not necessarily make them stop what they are doing. One can bind them If one knows them . For example Hoodoo Mirror box spell will ensure that someone is no longer a threat, but for it to be done properly, we must be familiar with our enemy’s identity.

The greatest part of hexes and Curses are directed towards us as a result a jealousy , envy, lack of creativity or courage to confront us , revenge or even misguided anger. Such people are fable individua s, backstabbers and shall try by all costs to remain unknown as perpetrators of these “crimes”.
Skilled rootworker and/or spiritual worker shall perform a reading before Uncrossing work and get idea who harmed their clients and in what manner, But what could one do themselves to get this information ? Make a list of suspicious people, and then deductively shorten the list until one or few names remain , use spells and divinations and so on

Well here are few spells , just keep in mind that sometimes people shield from these kind of divinations and spells ( all they need to do so is strong desire to remain hidden from You ) therefore, just be persistent

Hoodoo spells to reveal enemy

One simple spell that is used to reveal the identity of our enemy , false friends, secret admirer anyone really, calls for

*some Power oil , or Psychic oil
*white-purple candle ( white or purple can do to , I like to use double color to give spell a "boost" sort of speaking ) ,
*petitioner paper ( that You will place underneath candle ) with question written on it, and
*a glass of spring water that has been blessed with prayers for protection ( Night water )

Place a candle on a night table making sure it will that does not pose any danger of causing fire. Dress the candle and Your forehead with some of the oils mentioned. Place the glass of water next to candle to protect You from any nightmares or influences on Your mind. Light tha candle and ask Your higher power or Spirits to help You find n out the identity of this person. Go to sleep and document Your dream/s :Maybe it's a good idea adding some Anise seeds underneath Your pillow, and /or some
flax seeds too
Written by my minority :)

Red Flannel conjuration

Boil a piece of red flannel in a pot with water, on the back of the stove on Midnight or after and as folk tradition says the wrongdoer shall come and apologize.
( from "FOLKLORE FROM ADAMS COUNTY ILLINOIS" by Henry Middletone Haytt )

Balkan/Slavic spell to reveal a witch

Balkan folk have been known to have kept many ancient magickal secrets over the years , even ages.
Some of which are raw , many date back to middle age and are often very cruel. One requires catching a moth , a night butterfly , because according to Balkan folk one that is tormented by witch shall encounter a big scary moth quite often at night. This has most likely to do with the belief that witches , when astraly leaving the body can take form pof moth to conceal their appearance and spy more easily.

So one needs to , get courage to catch such moths, or to find a Death's-head hawkmoth (Acherontia spp.), and catch that one , burn it on a flame , preferably one of the candle saying :

Come to me, tomorrow, asking for salt !

Then according to Balkan folk next day witch shall come to Your doors asking to borrow some salt ( or something else If not salt , the stress in on person coming to Your doorstep, asking to borrow something , food mostly counts )

* picture shows night moth , interpreted on Balkan as a very bad omen , as described in text,and the picture taken by myself
Then according to Balkan folk next day witch shall come to Your doors asking to borrow some salt ( or something else If not salt , the stress in on person coming to Your doorstep, asking to borrow something , food mostly counts )

Another method Balkan witches use , and one brilliantly effective in finding the source of Evil eye or glance of malice , is called Extinguishing the coals . Witch prepares water with a pinch of salt and makes cross signs over it with sprigs of Basil and Kustura ( Balkan equivalent to athame ) while chanting and incantation that calls for power of Sun , Moon and Stars to come down and reveal one that “has evil-eyed ( or hexed ) the dear N.N” . If the cunning folk performing this spell starts yawning while chanting that is the sign that the affected will heal completely. After done with chanting ( as many times as one sees fit ) the Cunning man or women, or a witch takes one by one piece of burning coal, using spoon or metal thongs and tosses them down in the water calling suspects names at loud. When the correct name is spoken the coal shall hit the bottom of the vessel with water and remain there , meaning it will sink instead of floating on the surface.
The patient is then given the small amount of water to sip , and rest to sprinkle home and use in bath.

* picture shows night moth , interpreted on Balkan as a very bad omen , as described in text,and the picture taken by myself

European witches methods

Include simply blessing some water lighting a single or two blue, white or purple candles as only lights in room , pouring water in dark colored container , preferably glass one, and speaking words of power, a chant to bring enemy into sight. Then a spoon of oil ( in Mediterranean Olive oil and Sea water, or even plain water are often used ) or ink and is added and witch gazes into water surface in order to note omens or faces even.

Modern day practitioners make a list of suspects, write them in Circle and then use Crystal pendulum to divine the perpetrator . This has been known to be a very , very effective method.

In one of his books, Scot Cunningham suggests burning a yellow candle, wrapped in Ground Ivy around the base , on Tuesday to make Your enemy identity known.

There are powders to reveal a theft or criminal containing Galangal root , Hydragenea
Bark along with one or two more ingredients , that are sprinkled on crime scene. If You’ve found a mess that Your enemy lain, sprinkle it with such a powder , it can work brilliantly.

Wiccan people are known to use Athame for this , they chant some chant above the athame , that call forth the powers of “air and knowing” to indicate where from is the evil coming. The Athame is then swirled , or rotated and left until stops on it’s own, the sharp blade point will be pointing to direction where from evil is coming.

The Blue tourmaline wands are used the similar way. As they are well known as keen on giving answers , and indicating the right way or source of negativity.

Hope You find this article of mine helpful , Blessings ! :)


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Balkan/Slavic spell to reveal a witch
.. works,. My grandmother told me about it years ago. It worked earlier and it worked last night. I don't have many close friends here where I live and nobody ever borrows stuff, especially food or salt or dishes from me. Last night, there was an already dead moth in my kitchen and I performed the ritual. This afternoon, a lady I waguely know emailed me asking me to borrow a crockpot from me. She has a large family and many many neighbours and friends. I hardly even know her. Oh well. She is revealed! This stuff works. Please don;t hurt innocent animals though, save them if you can. Blessings. D

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My step father murdered an innocent dumb gopher �� He is a horrible man. He turned my mother against me because he is an alien mexico My mom has her hands tied because he is the bread winner��


Eve Xoxo said...

Here's one...
To Discover the Identity of an Enemy
you will need...
-1 Orange/Gold candle
-a piece of paper
-Mercury oil
-Papyrus/Mercury incense
-Cauldron or incense thurible
-a pen/marker
...this should be performed on a Monday(Moon-day,)in a Moon hour, when the Moon is waxing. Alternatively using the planetary influences of Mercury(the messenger) is okay, but the Moon is ideal for that which is unknown, so it's best to combine the energies of both.)

With the pen/marker, Draw the outline of a profile of a person Keep it simple and void of any specific features. Write across, over, or beneath the image, Who is my enemy? (any artifacts you can have present with you that show or represent what they have done to you would help but is not needed.)
Next, carve into the candle, the symbol of Mercury and anoint the candle with mercury oil and burn Papyrus or/and Mercury incense.
light the candle and place it on the paper.
Focus your intent, and say:


Now, get on with your life, but keep your eyes and ears open.
You will be pleasantly surprised by what the universe will start bringing to your attention.