Dec 20, 2013

Yuza Yuza formula, and how to concoct old formulas

Now  that was a tough one J

A reader asked me  If I knew the formula for so called "Yuza Yuza" oil. I knew it was  a necromantic oil, but that pretty much summed what I knew about it, other than  what it’s used for. So I decided to do some research and promised them I’ll post  when I have something “concrete”.
Illustration depicting alleged John Dee and Edward
Kelly's necromantic ritual

There are hardly any written information about it, insofar of what I could access and get.  Entries online about it are scarce,  and do not speak about the actual formulae, that is the ingredients.  One blog-post,   though  was extremely helpful,   found on    nifty informative blog called  Crossroads Of Sorcery”   , which  provided authors own attempt on reconstructing the recipe.

And most often, this is simply the best way to go about the formula, one which is unknown to  You, and the information about traditional recipe are lost  or not overly trustworthy.  You combine agents, which mixed will produce effect(s) desired. Pretty much like I did with my “Aunt Sally dream powder/oil”  which included as ingredients :

·         Star Anise seeds or essential oil
      ·         Calendula flowers
      ·         Poppy flower petals
      ·         Blueberry leafs

And few optional ingredients.  I have later learnt about one formula for it, posted  online that contained Licorice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Coriander  [1]  Other then perhaps Cinnamon, other ingredients don’t make much sense in a formula which is to aid in "dreaming lucky" . Sure, Cardamom and Coriander can help one found and attract a new partner,  but normally, not through dreams about them. It can be speculated that the given formula can   lead to dreaming about   and finding a new partner, consequentially, but that’s not only the fare stretch, but also just a fragment of what the formula is used for. On some places online I’ve even found posted, along this formula, claims, how that was an “authentic” , old or traditional formula. To me, personally, it looks like something out of Hreman Slater’s formulary. Whatmore,  we must take  in consideration that many of the traditional formulas can be either lost completely or known to a small amount of people which are said  to keep them secret and pass on to their  descendants. Which means, the given formula could merely be  one of those given away, but with false or incomplete ingredients, which was done often by traditional   Hoodoo practitioners to   mislead  the nosey  people.

My point being, when we can not determine the authenticity of the formula, we can only rely on the knowledge about herbal materia magica, and see If the ingredients  ( will )  fit, or If we can not find any formula, we are  better  off composing one ourselves.

Now, back to Yuza Yuza oil, it’s hard even to determine the origin of this one. There is such a thing as Yuzu oil in aromatherapy, in fact it's an  "essential oil" of a Japanese ( native ) fruit Citrus reticulata, or Citrus inchanhensis. It's a type of Citrus, and Lemon oil ( also a Citrus, obviously ) is common  ingredient in Medium people's mixtures, according to Anna Riva. Citrus scent is indeed present in many necromantic, or  ghost related oil mixtures widely available from occult good suppliers.  Could then  this Yuzu essential oil have something to do with the name and formula it's hard to say, and at best it's just speculation, and thing to consider. 

Formula given in Slater's formulary calls for Myrrh and Cedar as ingredients and black dye [2]. Cypress and Myrrh make sense  for a necromantic oil.

Yet Yuza Yuza is not just an oil used to merely invoke/evoke  the spirits of the dead , it’s  also supposed to exert control  over them and send them after someone, so they will torment and haunt them, and cause them misfortune and all sort of trouble. So it is also  hexing type of oil.  In his book “Voodoo sorcery Grimoire” the author places this oil neck to neck in terms  of it’s hexing potency/power to “Yula perfume”, and claims it’s a “deadly, hexing potion” that is used in hexes and calling “evil spirits of the dead”   [3]

In “Materia magica” by Draja Mickaharic, Yuza Yuza oils is described in similar fashion, and  there is also a suggestion on how to use it to “cross” a place, which we can assume to be a house, or a building or dwelling of some kind. It lists as ingredients Asafoetida and Wormwood, [4] which makes more sense than Cypress and Myrrh, though the latter two  can still benefit the oil greatly,  but they can hardly stand on their own.  I would also myself, add  a controlling agent of a kind, like Mullein leaf , which is used in Hoodoo to control the evil spirits, among  it’s other uses. So considering  all that, here is how  I’d make Yuza Yuza  oil :

Yuza Yuza oil

Combine, in a base of mineral oil following ingredients:

·         Cypress wood or essential oil

·         Myrrh resin or essential oil

·         Asafoetida, powdered

·         Wormwood, dry

·         Mullein leaf , dry, large

·         OPTIONAL: Galangal root, or Solomon Seal root

Let it all sit at least for 2 weeks, best if for month. Try not to get this on Your own skin and hands, not only that it’s irritant, and ( when ingested ) toxic, but You’d probably end up being crossed Yoursef. Solomon seal root, and Galangal root are optional ingredients, which can increase the level of control over the invoked/evoked ghosts  and also  raise the vibrations and increase the occult power. Hence the inclusion, but the oil should work more than fine without them.

Yuza Yuza crossing spells

If You wish to cross a place, or cause  it to be haunted and misfortunate,  lay a small amount of the oil in the four corners of the place, and draw and X patter at    the centre, while calling out the evil ghosts to inhabit the place and torment  Your targets/victims

If You want to cause a person to be haunted by a particular dead spirit, go to a graveyard, light a  black candle dressed with Yuza Yuza oil,    and placed atop the First pentacle of Saturn, on their grave.  Now take some graveyard dirt, from their grave, and tell the spirit to follow the dirt. Explain the spirit what is it  that  You want it to do.  Leave some coins ( a single silver coin, like the Inidan head cent, or Winged liberty dime, which  were used in states, would do best )  and pour some whiskey  over their gravestone.  Take the dirt with You and leave the graveyard without looking back.  Place the graveyard dirt, in a small charm/mojo bag, or in a small jar. If You are using the mojo bag, dress it with Yuza Yuza oil. If You are using the jar, add some Yuza Yuza oil inside the jar, along with the dirt  too.  Either way, lay the trick somewhere in the targeted person/victim’s yard or house, under the doorstep for example. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Now it should go without saying that even though I did suggest the first method, and came up  with the second one, I by  no means advocate such nasty crossings to be done liberally.  I could not imagine myself ever doing it to someone, but some people might. Hence it’s Your own moral and ethic standards to be consulted prior to deciding to use these methods,  and I will not be held responsible for anything that may occur as a result of   that.

Another reader, quite some time ago asked me about Cleo Mayformula,  and I’ve posted an article about  it. If You’re into formulas, You might  like to give it   a read

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, hence If you wish to use any part of it    elsewhere online, feel free, but add  credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, or a  direct link to this pos t 

[1] This formulae appears too often unaccredited online for one to be able to  determine the original source easily,  You can find it along some other recipes,  here  , Some source  claim  this one to be the “authentic” or “original New Orleans formula” , which I can not,  at this point dispute or prove false
[3] “Voodoo sorcery Grimoire” , Brujo Negro, pages  51st, 52nd
[4] Mickaharic, Draja   “Materia Magica” page 168th ,  2010th

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