Dec 31, 2013

Magickal New Year's eve

 “Only now it’s gone
   I can see the year,
See it for what it was
And start another day”

                                                                       Dido, “End of Night”


Indeed, whatever bad  had the year (now ) passing brought to You,  it’s days away to becoming past. And past is there to learn from,  not to keep looking back on it, cling, or dwell upon. It’s time consuming, non productive, and masochistic.

Instead, do as wise spiritual people have done for ages, use the energy of the New Year to
substitute the bad things with the good ones. Illness with health , poor with lavish , stagnant to moving , failure to success . If it sounds hard to You, it may be due to a wrong approach to the whole issue. It’s not hard at all, and I wrote ( on here ) already about how to  use the helpful energy of transition from old to new ( year )  to  cut ties with bad  and welcome the good.

There is an evident, unwritten law in spiritual world, that sells tones of books in “self help” and “popular psychology” department,  which is, that the most proficient way to get something good in Your life, to attract and attain something positive, is to get rid of something old, unnecessary and  harmful, and thus, make space for the good.  The end of December and beginning of January are ideal ( !! ) times for this.  

Different cultures  have all their variations of  (pre) New Year cleansing and preparations, but  the very essence is the same.

In Scotland, there is a common  practice of rituals   which intend to “sain” a place or person, or both. Sain is archaic, for making sign of Cross, and refers to practice of  spiritual cleansing and blessing, and keeping evil influences away  [1]

Here is one of such rituals, which to me seems particularly befitting for New Year’s eve:

The  following ritual ( or spell )  simultaneously spiritually cleanses and blesses the area and all the participants alike:

·         Collect “Holy” Water – from a local, nearby living source of water , between midnight and dawn, coinciding with a waxing  Moon

·         All participants of the ritual  should gather in a circle

·         Pass the water sunvise for each person to sip, and sprinkle tad bit over themselves

·         Sprinkle the water in each corner of the room [2]

This  is a practice which is common among Orthodox Christians who live on Balkan peninsula,  only the water used is the one attained on Epiphany or Teophany Christian holiday

A great cleaning ( physical ) and cleansing ( spiritual ) is usually due before holidays. It’s part of both mundane and spiritual tradition, and as I mentioned earlier, it’s done to get rid of what needs to be rid off , and thus make space for something positive and coveted , to take it’s place.  It’s not unlike to a double action transformation candle   ,  use to banish negative  and draw positive, and these purifications works also ensure that we do not drag our problems, and ills , into New Year.

Some can be done on the very, day, for example a broom cleansing rituals, fumigation, use of floor washes such as Household Ammonia, and Chinese wash,  aspersing with Holy Water, and combinations of any of those mentioned .  I, myself am also quite fond of those methods that “drain” the place out of negativity, sponge the bad vibrations, If You will , though these may require more planning, as they are done consecutively for few days  anywhere from 3 to 13, most often 3 or 7   .

Here are few suggestions:

·         A large bowl of white rice ( Oryza spp. ), placed somewhere in the room which needs to be cleansed. Replace weekly

·         Onions  ( Alium cepa  ) are amazing negativity sponges, and neutralizers .  Chop , by hand, on quarters, an  unpeeled whole Onion, and place the pieces in four corners of the room. Bury them the next day, or burn them.   This should be done 5-7 days successively, for most in depth cleansing.

·         Similarly and egg placed in four corners will serve to absorb negativity and is replaced ( if needed ) after 7 days. Also extremely powerful in  absorbing the negative vibrations.

·         Much like the White rice, a bowl of  vinegar replaced weekly serves to absorb the negativity, and  to make attacks of evil people and spirits “turn sour”, that is fail

·         A square of Camphor, dissolved in pan  of water placed under bed will provide personal cleansing, room cleansing, and peaceful ( sometimes also prophetic ) dreams, while also discouraging “attacks while sleeping” , particularly those of evil spirits

·         A simple cup of salt in each corner of the room, replaced weekly, will absorb all the negativity present in room where used

And personal cleaning is not to be neglected. All sort of spiritual baths  can be (under)taken  for personal cleansing,  with special attention paid to head washing , and the often neglected feet washing. Here is an example of a simple wash that can be used for both head, and feet, or whole body, to spiritually cleanse , uncross , and bless at the same time

·         Hyssop infusion

·         Blessed salt

·         Laundry bluing ( substitute with blue food coloring if You have no other alternative )

·         Rosemary

·         Lavender

·         Basil leafs

·         Holy water , or Florida water

After a thorough cleaning, and physical cleansing, You can  proced with any kind of Blessing or
drawing ( money , love, success, business etc. ) , You can for example light a Van Van, or Blessing candle ( Peaceful home, or House Blessing  candle work brilliantly )  and read 62nd Psalm, or wash the premises and family members clothes with water in which peaceful home bath crystals have been dissolved.  

You can wash the floor with Patchouli, Cinnamon and Brown sugar to attract money,  and wash Your doorknobs of Your store/workplace  with Yellow dock root infusion  to attract customers.

I hope this post was informative and inspirational, and many blessings and luck to all my readers in New Year. Love

Shadow J
NOTES: This article was  composed and written by myself, If You wish to  use any parts of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits, Shadow of Shadows magick  place, or a direct link to this post
[2] Retrieved from “The Element Encyclopedia of  5000 spells: The ultimate reference book for magical arts”, page 205th, by Judika Illes


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