May 31, 2012

Hoodoo Peaceful Home supplies and spiritual work

Please note: This post is editon of an older post of same theme I had posted back ago, and felt it needed some correcture and improvement. Hope You like it and find it informative and helpful. Abundance of blessings, and thanks for reading

A line of Hoodoo products/ supplies, derivate from an old Conjure formula , used to cause Peace in Home, which is also another name, under that  these  products may come by.  The aim was to make a family members more kind to each other, more communicative and more cooperative.  Some suppliers offer formulas such as “Blessed home” or “Happy home” which are basically the same , even though they might  focus slightly more of some specific aspect  of domestic happiness , such as money or love.

Anyhow, such magick and products are  spiritual therapy for households consumed with spats, quarrels, arguments, intolerance, even aggression.  Thursday is  a favorable day for such magick, but so can be Wednesday , If we approach that one as Mercury’s day, meaning  that  every troubled home could very much use wisdom and sharp thinking associated with the day. Women may like to cast Peaceful home spell on Tuesday, for it might be favorable to female diplomacy  skills and female aspect in general. This by no means indicates that only women may cast such spells on Tuesday, in fact any sensible diplomatic person can.   Hours of Jupiter and Mercury are  very favorable for such work. 

Saints may be invoked to aid to protect and calm a household, for example, in Orthodox Christian tradition:  St Juliana Lazarevskaya  or St. Prochor of Kievo-pechersk [1] or in Catholic tradition St Joseph, St Martha the Dominator or St. Ana.   For family Harmony St Dymphna may be  petitioned [2 ] according to one source . Virgin Mary seems to be very kind and swift in assistance in such ( domestic ) manners. Some practitioners may also refer for assistance to Loa such Yemaya, Manman Brigit, even Oshun particularly when diplomatic skills are of essence, and also  to  Obatala , who is a sensible, peace loving  and calm Loa, among other.

The spells and rituals can be very simple,  as simple as setting a light or more elaborate to a point where homes are cleansed,  then dressed with washes and powders. Sometimes clothes of family members may be washed with Peaceful home crystals ( bath  salts )  promoting thus serenity and harmony among the family  members.  You can light a blue lamp, to which You have added some Peaceful Home oil, and pray psalms 23rd, and 62nd over it. There are many examples indeed.  Here is an  illustrative example of how would I compose such ritual/spell

Harmony in home  spell

·         Clean thoughtfully  Your  house , moving from inward to outward. It would be best to do this early speaking to no one until You are done.  When done You can role the Coconut throughout  the house using Your feet to move it, or You can cense the house with some  cleansing incense, Van Van, or combination of Camphor , Sage and Frankincense may do well.

·         Then write the names  ( in a list ) of all household members on a piece of paper and  cover their names with word peace. Fold it thrice towards oneself and place beneath the bowl to which You have placed Blue candle dressed with Peaceful home  oil. Then pour some “Water of Notre dame”  in the bowl, so it covers 1/3  of the candle approximately  ( less Is acceptable, more would de excessive ) and add some crushed basil and rosemary leafs into the water as You say : “Oh Dear Lord cleanse this home from all  evil, malice, intolerance,  anger, bad luck and sends   luck , peace, harmony and abundance to this home,  and send Lord blessings upon this water,  to sanctify and cleanse this home ! As You have calmed the troubled waters, calm this home Lord as well. Amen !

·         Pour just few drops of  Peaceful home in the bowl. This may not be necessary If You have dressed the candle liberally

·         Now light the candle, and as it burns read Psalm 23rd or 61st, or both

·         Go through Your home and using   aspergent   , sprinkle  tad bit of the water in every room.

·         Now place some ( a pinch will do )  peaceful Home powder in four corners of Your house, or yard even,  and  one pinch as near the centre of Your home as possible  , or  before Your front doors.

So be it !

Somewhat more traditional, old-time Hoodoo or Conjure spells, to create a peace in home, may include money symbolism as well, for the abundance  may be every bit important as understanding for a harmonious household. A nice example of such HoodooPeaceful home spell, was gracefully shared on Lucky mojo website.  Cumin seeds  ( with possible addition of Cinnamon  perhaps ) may be used to draw luck and abundance to home as well. Adding some to Peaceful home powder and deploying it strategically make  serve   for such.
Another type of spells I personally love, are potted plant spells,  particularly in   this type of magick,  for effect   of the spells with them tends to be more permanent and even growing constantly with  time. One could for example  write Psalm 23rd on parchment paper, and place it in the pot with mixed  soil for plants, humus,  and some Churchyard soil. Then one would plant Basil, Rosemary and or Lavender in such plant pot. There is a beautiful example of Planted pot Peaceful home ( Hoodoo ) spell in Miss Denise Alvarado’s “Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook” .

There is a spell that calls for placing Rose of Jericho, in a crystal bowl with  fresh spring water ( to which I would add some Holy water If I had on hand ) and lighting a blue candle, dressed with Peaceful home oil nearby.   Than it’s suggested that the Psalm 62nd ( ? )*  is read daily over the plant, while observing how the plant “comes to life” . This is said best to be started on  Monday. [3]

And here are two formulas, mentioned in above  discussed spellwork, presented as I myself make them , for my own workings:

Water of Notre Dame
The title says it,  originally it was supposedly ,  to be water from cathedral of Notre Dame , which is located in Paris. However, in magickal workings   it’s white Rosewater, or simply fresh, spring water that had White Roses soaked in it. Other additions may include Orange Blossoms or Orange blossoms water or Hydrosol and optionally  Violet flowers hydrosol. So here is my composition

·         To boiling spring water add handful of White rose petals and let it boil for few minutes, then when  it cooled down ,  strain
·         Pour into Jar and add one  whole white Rose flower, and tablespoon of Holy water
·         Add some infusion of Orange flowers/blossoms , or few drops of essential oil of Neroli
·         OPTIONAL: You may add few drops of Rose essential oil or rose absolute. Note that anything other than pure  essential oil of Rose shall create greasy spots on water’s surface
·         Bless the water  If You like, with a  soothing  prayer or reading Psalms over , for example Psalm 62nd

 Water of Notre Dame is used  in  cleaning rituals and ceremonies, to inspire and instill peace in dwellings, to repel negative spirits and attract  positive ones, and sometimes for uncrossing.

Peaceful home oil
·         White Rose petals or small white Rose flower **
·         Cumin seeds ***
·         Basil
·         Rosemary
·         Pennyroyal essential oil  or dried, crushed  herb
·         Sandalwood essential oil, or powder

If You like You may add some Lavender  too. Formula like this , other than insitiling harmony and peace in home, has some apotropaic qualities due to Basil, Rosemary, Pennyroyal and Sandalwood,  which may come particularly handy in cases when we suspect  crossing  type work, is reason behind  problems among family members .

Hope You find this useful,  love from Shadow :) Blessings !
NOTES: This  article was composed and written by myself therfore should You desire to use any part of it elswhere online, feel free but add credits : Shadow of Shadow's magick place, or a direct link to this pots
*Psalm 62nd is suggested here, most likely since it’s used to bless all sort of things in Hoodoo, although Psalm 61st  is used for happy , harmonious home
**, *** White Rose and Cumin seed seem to be traditional ingredients of Peaceful home supplies , according to Ray T. Malbrough, furthermore they make for basic ingredients of such products according to this author. While certainly  beneficial to such formula , and in my humble opinion a good spiritual peace agent, most of modern formulas  seem to be based upon  Rosemary , Basil and Pennyroyal. Some people may add Sandalwood, Lavender, sometimes even Motherwort.
[1] as suggested on
[2] according to
[3] Paraphrased and adopted from “ Voodoo Hoodoospellbook”, 238th  and 239th page, Red wheel/ Weiser,  2011th , by Miss Denise    Alvarado
IMAGES CREDITS:   White Rose image, is the same used in my previous blog article on this, but unfortunatelly I hav forgotten the credits , all credits to creator. The secon image is a botanical illustration of Cuminun cymunium from and both are used here without any ill will , for illustrative, and explanatory purposes


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