May 31, 2012

Handy formlas for apotropaic work , Cast off evil and Road opening work

It's been a whole lot of time,  since I had posted something in the "Recipes and formulas" category , where I post formulas, mostly ones I composed  myself, and thought how  those may come handy to people. Now here are few I chose this time, enjoy:

Drive away evil spirits wash
·         Blackberry leaf with pinch of Cayenne Pepper infusion
·         Blessed Salt
·         Spoon of Holy Water
·         Laundry bluing, Indigo powder or at least blue food dye
·         Basil infusion
·         OPTIONAL: Few drops of Pine Essential oil or Pine needles

Make into floor wash and to send  evil spirits back to where they belong, and to clear dwellings from their presence and influence.  Could be made into bath ( careful with Cayenne  pepper    ) to release one from oppression by malignant spirits. In such case You may add Hyssop ,  or combine with the bath recipe given bellow.

Three ingredients Cast off Evil bath
·         Hyssop leaves
·         Eucalyptus leaves
·         White Clover flowers

Add to base of blessed sea salt and Epsom salts If You want to make bath crystals

Road opener European style(d)

Now when I say European, this does not  necessarily refer to those Mediterranean parts of Europe where Abre camino herb has found implement and use, for it  commonly grows in such climate. Although not indigenous here where I am ( Mediterranean part of the Eastern Europe ) I have seen  people growing it, as decorative plant. Europeans have had their  proprietary plants ( dependin' on region )  they used to break blockages and clear  obstacles, and while never called "Abre camino" or road  opening plants, they served the same spiritual purposes . I composed this simple ( and reportedly effective formula ) as result of voracious research of European herbal magick, folklore and ethnobotany.

Here it goes:

- Sesame seeds
- Rosemary twigs
- Chicory root chips

Make it   into a bath or floorwash , or even as  a  powder . You can use Rosemary essential oil instead of the herb, If You wish .

Hope You find use for these, many Blessings ! Shadow :)

NOTES: This article was  composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere feel free but add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, or or a direct link to this post.
IMAGE CREDITS :  Created and take n by myself

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