Nov 23, 2014

Fixing Your finances, the Hoodoo style

     Holidays ahead, and our wallets are probably going to get shocked. And badly. It’s only normal, of course, as it is only human to want some additional income to heal Your finances afterwards, or prepare for extra spending. I’m sure we can all agree, that bills (and people, institutions and the very system behind them) care little, whether we had to buy presents for our family this month, or go on that long-planned holiday.

     Luckily Hoodoo is full of works and “spells”* for this, ranging from money drawing, over “money stay with me” type of work, to business and luck work. All of those, are rather different approaches to the same goal, than works with different aim. Or at least they can be.
     The lavish body of spells, tips, and works in Hoodoo, targeting financial gain, stability, abundance and increase, are probably the result of ingeniousness of African American slaves, who had to figure out new, resourceful ways to get money. The Code Noir, or the “Black codes” as known in States, pretty much restricted rights of African people, “blacks” if I must, to own property, conduct business, purchase or lease land… hence, really, limiting their income to what their “employer” was ready to provide, which was hardly ever enough for normal, human dignifying life. And human beings do amazing things, when they focus, or when they are forced to focus, on solving problems. That’s how we got on the top of the animal kingdom.

     With the arrival of the mail order suppliers, and later online suppliers, and even plainly with the right of literacy coming to power, money spells and works gained even more momentum in Hoodoo, and consequently became more popular, more “profotable” and, obviously, more complicated and demanding in the terms of ingredients. If You take a look on Gamache’s** candle spells, for example, they will often require, as absolutely necessary, at least a few types of candles and few types of oils, powders, incenses etc. even for the most simple works. This, in my humble opinion, is nothing but a faux notion of popular Hoodoo marketers, and their catalogues. More so when it demands strictly specific and targeted oils, powders etc. The truth is, If You want to do some kind of money conjure, You will either need formulas specific to Your case, or any of the general formulas. And hardly ever more than two types. If any kind of simple “hoodoo spell” requires more than 3, or 4 formulas, its strongest effects is probably to deplete You of Your money, or to banish that evil money of yours, from your wallet, and right into hands of marketers.

     Just think about it, If You are out of money, and in desperate need for some income, can You really afford Yourself to purchase around 100$ ( 75 Euros approximately ) worth of supplies, for one, or at best few rituals? I can hardly imagine it.

     It really does not need to be that complicated. Rather than obsessing about all the specific ingredients, it would be better to do some divination, and see If some kind of other type of Hoodoo work is also needed, or even better suited for the given case. Maybe You actually need help in finding a better suited job? Maybe someone had crossed your finances, in which case the money drawing magick alone, will do little, If anything, least You get uncrossing and protection first.
And in money drawing work You can use many things interchangeably, many formulas and curious. Maybe some spellbook, or the occult suppliers insist ( often aggressively ) that the money work can only be efficient with combining four types of their brand oils in candle dressing, but this is simply not true. You can use Bayberry root oil, Hoodoo Money drawing condition oil, Lodestone oil, Hoodoo drawing/attraction oil , heck even Fast luck, to dress Your lodestone charm for money. Any of the listed will work fine, and combining all five, won’t do better. Shi shi oil, is a traditional Hoodoo oil reputed to end poverty. If You can get that one, You can used it in plethora of different money works.

     So as I said, rather focus on divination prior to work (again, use what divination method You are familiar with, and apt in) and timing. Best time for preforming money spells are days and hours of Sun and Jupiter, and preferably  during the waxing Moon phase, or on the night of the Full Moon, If You adhere to the notion of Moon’s influence on spiritual work. Some Hoodoo practitioners do not, others do.

     Candles You would like to use are green, gold, yellow ( for let’s say success in Your business ), purple ( to sway Your boss to give You a raise, let’s say ), red ( for fast luck )  and alike, depending on Your specific aim and approach. Black green double action candles are ideal, If Your case requires uncrossing or banishing of evil influences, as You can save Yourself from the   trouble of doing the two works separately. Finally, a very traditional, and handy tool in Hoodoo money conjure working, is the green pyramid candle. It combines the auspicious color and shape that draw abundance and wealth.

     Some other traditional ingredients and curious You might consider are Green rice ( rice with addition of powdered/pulverized dollar bill/s ), Bayberry root, lodestones,  two dollar money “bills” and silver dime. All are rather easy to obtain, not overly expensive, and very helpful in most of the money works, that is they are very versatile.

     Now, when You have considered all types of work that need to be done, and perhaps chosen the beneficial timing, here are a few ideas to get You started, that do not require too much, but work just as fine, or even better that those 25-ingredients-listed spells.

     If Your finances have been crossed, You need to do some uncrossing work. Either general uncrossing work on oneself, or any kind of money uncrossing work. The following ritual I composed is aimed to remove money crossings, which are most of the times accomplished by “laying tricks” and are tied to Earth, most often the very ground in Your yard, and Your home/house in general.

To undo a crossing that has caused poverty in home


  • Flakes of Alkanet
  • Basil leaves
  • Mint
     Mix, and If You feel so inclined, powder the botanicals. Sprinkle the mixture throughout your house, and in your yard. The next day, sweep (with a broom) the mixture from Your house, moving towards Your front doors, as You speak some affirmation along these lines:

All the crossings killing my money have been destroyed, and as I wipe these herbs out, I wipe out misfortune from my home, and bring in the abundance, fortune, peace and stability. In the Name of God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit. Amen!”

     Then fumigate your home with mixture of Frankincense, Cloves, Basil, Blue flag root and Sandalwood. Or you can use “Money drawing”,  or “House blessing” (sometimes also known as “House dressing”) hoodoo incenses that can be obtained at occult suppliers.
To seal the work, after you have fumigated your home with the incense, light a white blessing or peace candle, around which you've placed four coins, each coin on one of the four cardinal directions.

     Following is a spell against poverty, a jar or bottle spell, and I really prefer for this type of work because it can be easily adapted into a continuous practice. All You need to do is to occasionally light another candle atop the jar and say Your prayers. Because it contains Alfalfa and Fenugreek, it will make money stay with You longer as well.

Hoodoo jar spell against poverty and to keep money staying with You

In a jar place the following:

  • Eight table of the Sun ( seal ) from the  Seventh Book of Moses, on the bottom of the jar
  • A blessed lodestone atop the seal, fed by magnetic dust and few drops of Shi Shi oil
  • Green rice, abundantly sprinkle over the seal and lodestone
  • Alfalfa herb
  • Fenugreek seeds
     Place Your palms atop the jar and pray for financial stability, and enough money to live peacefully and without debts. Close the jar and set a double action black-green candle atop it. Black part up, green part up. You can also plainly use a offertory green candle, but in case that Your condition is long standing, and possibly a result of bad luck or crossing, the double action candle will work much better. Either way, dress the candle with Shi Shi oil, and during the hour of Jupiter, light the candle and read the following:
Psalm 23rd
Psalm 37th verses: 18, 19,
     If You suffer from bad luck when it comes to finances, also add Psalm 57th
Let the candle burn all the way down. Keep the jar either in the kitchen or on some elevated spot in Your house.

     The following spell, is not Hoodoo spell sensu-stricto, it’s rather a spell that comes from Russian folk magick, but You will notice that it’s  quite similar to Hoodoo spells. Substitute the chant for Psalms, and Sesame seeds for Green rice, and You have a “proper” Hoodoo spells, If these elements bother You that much

Money drawing and stability jar spell

     This spell should be done between 2.30AM and 4.30AM, preferably some Thursday.
Have many metal coins which are used in your country (they can be the smallest value/denomination the actual value is not really important for the spell) ready, and a mixture of sugar, salt, garlic and sesame seeds.

     Now light one red and two green candles, and inside a clean jar, make a layer of coins, then sprinkle some prepared mixture over it, then atop it place another layer of coins, then sprinkle
with the mixture again and so on,  until You have almost reached the top of the jar.
As you do it, you may speak a soothing chant. For example:                            

As these items I know lay,
Money will keep coming my way!”

It serves to both draw the money, and keep it from abruptly going away. [1]

This  following, quite simple formula is intended to get You money swiftly when You really need it. I based it on Judika Illes’ suggestion.

Oil of need

In a base oil combine:
·         *  Basil, leaves or essential oil***
·        *  Bergamot essential oil
·         * Pinch of powdered Cinnamon
·         * OPTIONAL: Patchouli leaves or essential oil, few drops [2]

     It can be used to dress a green candle to be burnt on a square You've cut from grocery bag. On the square of paper should be written the amount of money You need, as well as Your name.  You can also lightly dress the paper itself, corners and central point, marking in thus in the quincunx pattern. The candle should be burnt 15 minutes per day, until it’s gone all the way. You can bury  the remaining  material ( from the ritual ) in Your yard.

Simple money mojo

In a green mojo bag, place a charged, fed lodestone around which You have wrapped a two dollar bill. Add also a pinch of  any of the following herbs:  Basil, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Bayberry root, Allspice berries, or a pinch of brown sugar If You lack those. Dress the mojo with some soothing condition oil, Holy water,  or plain Hoodoo all-purpose oil , or even with some whiskey, If nothing else is available to You at the moment. Carry with You. 

There, hope these tips can help You to get around the money Hoodoo “spells”, and perhaps even solve Your problem.

As a bit of lagniappe, there check out this traditional, and powerful “Hoodoo money drawing candle conjure”  by Momma Star, or the Old Style conjure. I know I will surely give it a try ;) 

Also learn how to fix the home to be blessed, happy, and abundant, doing a Hoodoo style, traditional ritual with the "Blessed home" Hoodoo formulas

Can Hoodoo help You win the lottery ? Well while the chances are  quite  slim,  I'd say, You could still give a read to this "Hoodoo spell to win the lottery", provided by lovely and cunning Miss Talia Felix, If for no other purpose than to read something interesting :)

Blessings and  lots of LUV

Shadow !

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself. If You wish to use any parts of it  elswhere online, feel free, but add credits:  Shadow of Shadows magick place, , or a direct link to this post

*While I use the term “hoodoo spell” quite often myself, even on this blog, it’s really a misnomer. Hoodoo people/rootworkers, do not cast spells, they perform spiritual work, or simply work, do conjure, or tricks etc. The term “spell” is plainly and simply inadequate to describe Hoodoo spiritual work, of any kind. But to keep it simple, and understandable to the broad public, it’s easier to use the term spell
**Henry Gamache, in case You do not already know, is a prominent occult and Hoodoo books  and pamphlets, 20th century author, especially well-known for his “Master book of Candle Bunring” ( 1942. ) , and “Protection against the evil”, the later originally published as “Terrors of the evil eye exposed”
***The formula allows use of Basil laves instead of essential oils, but, If You are in a hurry and need the oil right away, this is OBVIOUSLY not an option. Because raw material must be macerated in condition oil either for weeks in cold maceration, or for hours by warm maceration, that is using a double boiler. You can read about how to make spiritual oils on this very blog ++

[1] Adopted, and translated from occult magazine published in Serbia, Belgrade, called “Bakini recepti za srecu I ljubav” by myself. More about the magazine here: Currently, I can not recall the exact issue number, If I do, I will add it here
[2] Judika Illes, in her book “Magick when You need it; 150 spells You can’t live without” gives a spell called: “Shopping bag full of cash” where she suggests dressing green candle, in a similar ritual to  one described here, with essential oils of basil and bergamot ( “Dress a green candle with essential oils of basil and bergamot” ),  and the oil I provided here is based on that suggestion, with added Cinnamon for a touch of luck and speed, and optional Patchouli, both for stability and protection of the money, and for possible uncrossing. So while optional, the addition of Patchouli is quite helpful here. 

The first image is taken, and edited by myself. The second is edited and adapted by myself, from the  vintage mason jar image, public domain, courtesy of lovely Graphics Fairy, available here: 
The third image/artwork was created by myself, text and desing. 

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