Mar 17, 2013

Hoodoo style Psychic vision , and dream prophecies

Eye of Providence, symbolizes ( among
othe r ) spiritual illumination and insight
Presumably simpleminded, although  it's   unrighteous    to presume  so, Hoodoo people, Conjurers,    have always knew there is more to wisdom and insight than what  can be  learnt   from  conventional , scientific books.  Furthermore, rootworkers and  faithful people have always had respect and admiration for Divine inspiration, and omens and signs, doctrine of  signatures and alike.    Could be the reason,  why among the rootworkers there are so many people with  keen gifts of prophecy, talent for divination and dreaming lucky and true.  For those were ways to get information, tips and guidance, for this pragmatic people, who knew that information is power, more so when it comes from the Higher source.
Herbs, oils, candles, infusions  , candle spells, timely and devotedly used, can all do wonders. More so  If   frequently done, any magick strengthens our  spiritual awareness  and consequently talents, such as precognition, clairvoyance and alike. Head washing, and placing herbs and talismans bellow pillow were some   customary methods,   followed with prayers for receiving  spiritual guidance in Hoodoo.

Favorable day for such “magickal operations” would be Monday,  days when the Moon is full, in hours of Moon, Mercury , Jupiter and Saturn.
Hoodoo offers  many formulas, serving as boost to readers and gifted , or  to any occult worker/practitioner in general, which are often combined  with formulas for money and love, or other if need be. More so when desire is to stress specific aspect of  the guidance, for example  dreaming lucky, hence, attaining information  about  future and how to live more lucky, get more money or win games of chance or bets.   I wrote about the famous formulas  Aunt Sally's ( Lucky Dream/s )  and how they help one “dream lucky” as Hoodoo people often say.

Other popular Hoodoo “brands” to use in such work include “Psychic vision”, “Power” and “Master key”, some of which  will be discussed here today . It’s wise to note here that Psychic vison is a brand, considered to be among the youngest formulas of Hoodoo, which may technically speaking be true, but various formulas to produce the same effect existed much before the suppliers  saw the opportunity in commercializing those into a formula brand.

 In New Orleans , there is even a curious  trend  of making “Green fairy” or “absinthe” into form of Conjure oil, that bears  the same name,  and shares nearly alchemical, elaborate procedure of making and baptism of the Absinthe spirit procedure. Such oil is believed to be extremely powerful and fast acting in boosting psychic powers, clear vision and thinking, when made properly [1]  The simpler version, though more than likely far less effective can be made by simply  blending  Mugwort, Anise, Peppermint*, with addition of some Hyssop and Fennel in each of the bottles made .

Fragrant herbs, root and spices often used in Blessing work, and Healing work are often herbs  used in psychic development in Hoodoo, as well, hence why these  formulas often have a lot of  common ingredients , or dual functions.
They can be used in forms of oils, to dress candles and oneself, periodically, baths to wash head prior to divination work , or periodically,  for example when the moon waxes, to “raise” power,   or in form of Conjure hands composed to give mastery over  spiritual gifts. Dream pillows and/or bags and sachets to place under pillow are also very frequent.
Incenses are burned during readings, or divination tools may be smudged with them, for example Tarot decks ,  also practitioners/readers, burn incenses such as Sandalwood, or mixture of Camphor with Mint or Frankincense ( or both  ) to raise spiritual vibrations , and increase their  visionary talents, during the readings and  divination work.   
Candles are also  quite often burnt, white, purple and pale blue mostly,  and Psalms , such as 23rd and 42nd  are  read, though a heartfelt , sincere prayer to G’d for  guidance would certainly be a   great choice as well. Sometimes, it’s favorable such work to be preceded with Cleansing or Road opening, or simply Power work.

Various symbols can be incorporated , in talismanic or amulet from to help in Hoodoo psychic related work. It’s wise to note here that   despite originating from classical grimoires, such symbols in Hoodoo were not used the same way they were/are in grimoire friendly traditions, such as High magick.   Their power and proficiency would not be diminished, rather it would be used in another fashion. 
Now without further ado ( this is a practical magick blog lol ) let’s go through few nifty Hoodoo tricks used in psychic work

Head wash for psychic work
Head washing is as we may know, part of Voodoo culture, and could be the precursor of Hoodoo head washing tradition. Christians have similar  practice, they  incorporate in ba p tism ritual. In essence the goal in both cases is to cleanse, bless and initiate.   Similar function they have in Hoodoo, more so when used in psychic work. Prior to divination, spiritual work or each day of the waxing Moon cycle , for seven days try using following formula to increase Your psychic talents:

·         Bay Laurel leafs
·         Anise seeds
·         Five finger’s grass
·         Celery seeds
·         Mugwort
·         Hyssop
·         Laundry bluing or blue food coloring ( optional , If adding try to use Laundry bluing rather than the latter )


It will help cleanse and soothe Your mind ( hence the Hyssop and Laundry bluing ) , while also enabling psychic empowerment, and assisting in attaining clear vision.

Psychic vision condition oil
·         Star Anise seeds
·         Althaea roots
·         Bay Laurel leaves
·         Some nutmeg grinds
·         Lemongrass essential oil
·         Anise essential oil – just a few drops
·         OPTIONAL: Jasmine essential  oil

You can use Flax seed oil as base , and hence additionally empower the formula, though be sure to add a capsule of vitamin E or some liquid benzoin, to prolong it’s shelf life. If You prefer so,   both Star Anise an d bay Laurel may be used in form of oil (  essential   )  rather than the seeds or  leaves.  

This is one of the formulas, You may  encounter others containing also Tobacco, Ylang Ylang, Mallow leaves, Mugwort, Sandalwood , Frankincense and Camphor,  Flax seeds,  Celery seeds, Dandelion root  and others .
In case of baths Florida water  can be added [2] or laundry bluing, which was already suggested in above headwash formula.

Prophetic dream ritual

This is desirable to be done on Monday or some night when the Moon is full. Try to refrain , for three days prior from carnal pleasures, smoking, alcohol, and If You can fast. If You decide to fast, on the last , that is third day  ( which is when You will be performing the ritual itself  ) have only water.
On the third night take a bath with Hyssop and sea salt, over which You have read the 51st  ( in some places 50th , “Cleanse me with Hyssop…” ) psalm , ideally with sincere remorse for the all Your sins. It would be of great utility  to read the Psalm 13 times as You bathe, and  to wash Your head 13 times.

Let Yourself air dry, dress in white clothes, preferably new ( they can be the cheapest clothes, as long as they have not been worn, they are washed, clean and tidy, even a white bathrobe will do ) , then wrap a new white  towel around Your head. You may sprinkle it ( the towel )  with a dash of Florida water.   
On the altar place two white candles, and a censer  with Frankincense, so the will form a triangle. In the center , place  the Seal of the Power Angels, which is found in the Sixth  book of  Moses, and on the back of it You may write Your name. Place a purple candle over it, inscribe it with Divine name “YAH” and then dress it with “Psychic vision oil” anointing it, and rubbing from the top down, or from the  ends to the middle of the candl e.  Prepare a glass of pure water that will later serve as “night water” ( used in Hoodoo practice called “sleeping with water”  ) and then light the  white candles and the incense.  For a few moments meditate on what You wish revealed to You in dreams.   Ask  kindly , aloud,  G’d to send You the answer to about  the  question( state Your question, If You  have a specific one )

Then light the purple candle and read the Psalm 23rd seven times;

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk

through the darkest valley,[a]
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me

all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
forever.” [3]

Fill  a small   red bag with Mugwort,  and  maybe Anise seeds as well ( You can add Celery seeds to make  that a “lucky three” ) and place bellow Your pillow.  
Place the Night water near Your bed ( night table for example ) and go to sleep. Record Your dreams If You need to.

For the sake of comparison, and personal preference,  as an alternative to the above given ritual composed by myself, look up  the classic ritual from ”Grimoire Verrum”  famed to induce the same effect, of which I wrote before .  

Hope this information was useful, and interesting for You, I also wrote on ESP before, from a more …”general” perspective,  yet nowhere it says a Hoodooist could/should not us e the methods  described there  . Aquamarine is  among the stones used to  strengthen  various gifts, precognition , among them so You can look that up too
Many Blessings,  Shadow J

NOTES:  This article was written and composed by myself,  therfore If You wish to use any part of it  elswhere online, feel free, but add credits, Shadow of Shadow's magick plac e , or , or a  direct link to this post

[1] “Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook”  by Denise Alvarado, Red Wheel/Weiser 
[2] example of such bath formula can be  found here
[3]   Retreived from:  
Image depicting Eye of Providence is from edited by myself and used for illustrative purposes without any ill will
Image depicting the Seal of the Power Angels from the book of Moses is from: used here  for illustrative, as well as explanatory purposes without any ill will


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