Jun 7, 2011

ESP and second sight

It was always a prominent human desire to know what will happen next, what the future hold and to get some guidance from Higher Power. The people who were able to “read the future”, consult the spirits or read the omen, were always respected and even had very high ( though of course “unofficial” ) social positions. Be their abilities innate, gained and honed, or both, they were consulted by emperors and later dictators and war generals. The nature of “reader’s” or “Seer’s” work, much like any kind of spiritual, or even plainly “intangible” practice or work, made it a fruit - bearing ground for hustles and hoax of all kinds, but that being a whole another story.

In this article I wish to discuss some general terms, and practice they describe, such as mantic arts or divinations, spequlums, readings, extrasensory perception mostly really , and alike, and give some basic, official information about them, rather that pseudo-poetical new age claptrap on the topic. As I stated few times before, this is a blog that focuses on practicality of magick, rather than endless philosophical discussions on “ethics of magick” or purpose of same, therefore, I will also be giving examples on how to strengthen and develop our spiritual awareness and consequently supernatural abilities.

Different cultures and religious magickal systems, have different viewpoints and theories, regarding extrasensory perception and “psychic” gifts that derivate from it, as well as PSY abilities. Christian church for example calls them “chrisms” and according to Christian theology person is either born with them, or gains abilities as a reward for spiritually faithful, clean and responsible life, mysticism and fasting, both alimental and mental ( no pun intended ) . Considering this according to Christians, seeking these gifts through any form of occult work or meditation is wrong, and potentially sinful, as only G’d decides who shall have these abilities. I myself, as a Christian believe that, it is not all that simple, meaning If You want to develop some psychic gift, which are innate to our souls in one form or another, and You have a nice respectful goals, I doubt it’s a sin. To further elaborate, the reason why chrisms are honed mostly by Saint’s and mystics is because their way of life and their religious/social/mental awareness being high enough not to abuse the same. Simply put, if you want psychic gifts only so that You could win lottery, stick with Aunt Sally’s J but do not expect to have Lord’s blessings upon Your work. If You seek psychic gifts for better understanding of omens Lord sends us, for guidance of Yourself and others, or to prevent evil/bad things from happening, than we could say it’s somewhat OK. Otherwise, most other cultures and systems see nothing innately evil in them. Metaphorically speaking they are like frozen fish, You can melt it and feed someone with a healthy meal ( omega 3 acids enriched ) or You can smack someone on a back of their head with it, meaning ability itself is neutral, the user makes it good or bad.

Acording to parapsychologists, ESP is a human ability of reception of sensory experiences and information, without the use of physical ( medically recognized ) senses, but rather through mind. We must however, note that sometimes senses are indirectly included, some psychics need to touch items or people they work with or even use other sences. Sometimes I smell the air and I can tell wether it will rain, be windy or sunny, or it might hail perhaps, or even if something good or bad is to happen ( of general, rather than personal importance ). Psychology and consequently parapsychology as a branch of the same, gave us so many useful information and guidelines regarding ESP inducement and methods, as well as connection of such altered states of consciousness with cognitive process and sensory experience. Parapsychologist note some fundamental “laws” about mechanism of ESP work, such as increased ESP as a result of sensory experience deprivation, or sheep-goat effect ( people that believe in ESP have so much better results in ESP tests than people that do not believe in supernatural ), theories about REM sleep phase, alpha brain waves and their association with ESP events. Some of the great names and “fathers” of modern parapsychology and psychology of altered mind states include J.B Rhine and Louise Rhine, Russel Targ, Harold E. Putkoff etc.

Celts have a special name for it ( Scotts to be more precise ) dahulah, and it loosely translates as clairvoyance ( including ability to see spirits ). People often confuse remote seeing, clairvoyance , precognition, mediumship abilities and spiritual intuition for synonyms, which they are not. They are all different forms of extrasensory perception with their proprietary fields in which they work/appear. So let’s shed some light on some basic types of extrasensory perception ( to make it more clear I systematized abilities in types and families in this article, please keep in mind, this is not an official parapsychology-ical classification )



· Type: PSY

· Type: ESP

- Family clairsensitive : Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience , Clairalience,Clairgustance, Retrognotion, Remote seeing, Precognition , Psychometry

- Family guidance – Spiritual intuition, Intuitive aptitude, Mediumship abilities

- Family mental – Telepathy, Spiritual Empathy

Spells, energy work and recipes for empowerment of psychic abilities

Spiritual work of any sort ( prayer, meditation, spell casting ) will in due time develop some specific ability/abilities in one. What they will be, depends on the nature of practitioner. Introvert, melancholic people are most likely to develop ESP powers, such as empathy or psycometry, while extrovert sanguinary people are more likely to develop psychokinetic abilities of some form.

Sometimes however, from one or another reason, we want some help in faster and/or stronger ability inducement or development, sort of “boost tool” to call it that way.

Spells and recipes material ( materia magicka )

Burning purple and white candles with intention, and/or words of power will be of significant help. One should dress them with Psychic oil, or King Solomon’s wisdom oil, Clarity oil, Master key oil, St Cyprian oil, or any of the family of empowering oil for most prominent results.

Helpful botanicals include: Yarrow ( flower heads mostly ) Lemongrass essential oil, Flax seeds, Althaea roots, Mugwort herb, Wormwood herb, Acacia resin, Frankincense resin/tears etc .

Opal stones, Lodestones, Heliotropes, Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Uleksite, Amber, Fluorite, Citrine, all make good choices in abilities boosting and development stones/charms.
Psalm 23rd ,Prayers to Holy Spirit, Prayers to Saint Cyprian, prayers to St. Claire, Moon pentacles from Claviula Solomonis, All seeing Eye ( as symbols ) are all helpful and should be incorporated in rituals for development of psychic gifts.

Moon and water as element are associated with ESP, and Angels are Asariel, Uriel.


Here are a few ( among many useful exercises ) for psychic gifts development

Randomly cover Your wrist watch , and try to guess the time ( precognition exercise )

Take a deck of playing cards. Draw one card at time, and without looking it try to guess card color. Half guesses or more indicate psychic talents. After a while one may pass onto guessing is it a picture or number card as well ( precognition exercise )

Look at some fare away object or scenery for a while. Than close Your eyes and try to visualize that picture with as much details as possible. Open Your eyes and check just how accurate were You ( clairvoyance and remote seeing exercise )

Ask someone to lay out number of object before You, the object we use in everyday life like pen or fork for example. Don’t look as they do it, then still with Your eyes closed pass Your hand over the objects trying to guess what they are ( clairvoyance and remote seeing exercise )

Get a new pack of handkerchiefs , give few out to some of Your friends , to hold for a few minutes, and touch their faces with. Let them right their initials on inside of the handkerchief so when folded, the initials cannot be seen. Shuffle the folded handkerchiefs and holding them try to guess which one was handled by who ( clairsentence and psychometry exercise )

NOTES: Please mind that the article was composed and written by myself, therfore should You wish to use any part of it elswhere, give credits Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com IMAGE CREDITS : The first image shows Zener cards, and is a common image , available in public domain , this particular one came from Wikipedia , Second image depicts Alpha brain waves associated with ESP, and is edited by myself , original source is news Softpedia

Blessings !
from Shadow :)


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