Oct 29, 2015

Rekindling the Spiritual flame

     Numerous things can cause us to start feeling spiritually “exhausted” at some point of our life, or can deplete us of spiritual energy. We can neglect the spiritual aspect   of our lives, and thus become inert, lost, confused and troubled mentally. Sometimes we simply have too much to deal with, on a mundane, everyday level, so we start neglecting our spiritual being.

     Not only does the human soul become thirsty of spirituality, much like our bodies become hungry of the daily bread, but neglecting our spiritual life, leaves us much more vulnerable to attacks from the spiritual realm. Be it that they come from corporeal, or non-corporeal beings.  Furthermore, ignoring spirituality, and spiritual hygiene, causes tremendous imbalances in our subtle bodies, eventually, affecting our physical bodies as well, causing illnesses and conditions of all sorts.

     The worst thing about the whole situation, is perhaps the fact that it’s hard to reconnect to the spiritual realm and our own spirituality. It’s not unlike the hypoglycemia which occurs when we fast for example. In such situation, our brain, deprived of the glucose, it’s only “food” ( if we overlook it’s ability to temporary be sustained on some essential fatty acids and ketone bodies ) , becomes less productive, and we cannot think clearly, regardless how we try, and ironically become unable to see the simple solution of taking in some more sugars, for example. This is why I hope You may find the ideas and solutions suggested in this article helpful, should You ever find Yourself in a situation like this.

     Finally, for those who practice magick and occult, disregarding spiritual life, will seriously decrease their spiritual “prowess” and aptness and success in spellcasting, ritual and spell work. They might start feeling blocked, or as If their spiritual “tank” is on the low, pretty much very drained.  Replenishing their spiritual “routine” fixes this condition, and they are able to practice   as they were, or even better, again.

     I remember an episode of the TV show “Charmed”  ( I think the name was “The Eyes have it” )  that depicted one of the protagonists,  Phoebe Halliwell, blessed with abilities of premonition and levitation, barely able to use her abilities due to the fact she had been neglecting her life as a witch/practitioner for way too long. With a little help of a charm that augments spiritual prowess, and most importantly with her own involvement in “witchy” works, her talents and aptness were replenished.

     While exaggerated, and embellished in the true Hollywood fashion, this fictional example still does an amazingly accurate job of depicting this condition.

     Another thing that should, or rather must be considered as a possible cause of such “blocked condition”, is a spell/curse/hex by someone else. Binding spells are often cast, with a very clear and precise aim to prevent someone from being able to use their full spiritual potential. By a practitioner whom person in question had wronged somehow, or they plain and simple wish them ill. If such is the case, a reading/divination will reveal it, or one can try with and unbinding spell ritual first, no harm would be done If one was wrong. I have addressed the methods of unbinding, and cord cutting in one of my previous articles on here, titled “Cutting the ties that bind” 

     Finally, some people might suggest Road opening, or Blockbusting type of spiritual work as a “cure” for such condition. I would not be that fond on blockbusting in this particular case. Sure it will remove what’s blocking us from practicing successfully, yet that might prove to be a too quick-and-easy solution for our own good. Instead of regaining the strength to do something we were previously able to do, blockbusting would just temporarily remove what has weakened us, hence, we’d run a good chance of getting stuck in the same situation, as soon as similar overwhelming conditions arise. Replenishing Your spiritual prowess, as suggested in methods like those later in this  post, will instead make us “larger” and more powerful than the obstacle once again. Blockbusting in my opinion works better for obstacles that appear unexpected, out of our control, once we have never faced before and those would could not really break in time ourselves, for example. Road opening   is  also a good choice, because it, among other things brings the new energy, and new opportunities. But I wrote about such spiritual work before too.

    Spiritual work, meditation and prayer as a solution

     If Your spirit is starving of spirituality, feed it. Prayers, meditation and/or any kind of spiritual work will help. It may seem to You like You can no longer do it or focus enough, and it the begging, during first few attempts it may indeed feel so, but keep in mind this is just a side effect of Your confusion, and spiritual inertness. If You feel You can not do it alone, attend some classes of yoga, or meditation, or, like Christians do,  go on some pilgrimage to visit some Holy places, monasteries. Ask someone to read a few prayers for You, Your local pastor, Your friend who practices spiritual work etc.
    When feeling lost, or “out of touch” Wiccans have a nice ritual that You can employ. They fill a dark colored bowl with spring water, and light a blue candle just above and ahead of the bowl, letting the flame reflects on the water’s surface. If they are outside they may do the same catching the Moon’s reflection, and stars’ in the bowl. My Wiccan friend, who taught me this little ritual would chant, as she watches the reflection of light in water: “Water and sparkling light, restore my mind, lift my spirit, let intuition be my guide”.

   Us Orthodox Christians, will often pray to the St. Uriel, the Archangel, who is said to infuse human hearts with fire of love towards G’d, as well as to rekindle the spiritual spark in our hearts. One of such prayers, traditionally said on Thursday is as follows:

Oh holy St. Uriel, come to our aid with your legion of
angels! Intercede for us that our hearts may burn with the
fire of God. Obtain for us the grace to use the sword of
truth to fight against all that is not in conformity to the most
adorable will of God in our lives
.” [1]

     Or this one:

     “Uriel, St. Archangel of the G’d , with Divine light illuminated, and over-abundantly filled with fire of flaming love, throw in a spark of  that (very)  fire,  in my heart that has gone cold, and my soul darkened with sins, with Your light illuminate. Oh Uriel Great Archangel of the G’d, You are the luster of Divine/G-d’s fire and illuminator of those darkened with  the sins; illuminate my mind, my heart, my will/willpower by the force of Holy Spirit, and direct my feet to the path of repentance, and ask the Lord to deliver me from the torments of hades/hell, and all the enemies;  visible and invisible, now and in the ages of ages. Amen!” [2]

     A traditional witch, or magick practitioner, might visit the seashore, or river shore ( or wherever the water meets the land, even though the seashore would be the  most preferable for this kind of work ), light a fire there, and invoke the classical elements to infuse their physical body, spirit, and mind, to empower, and restore them. Such ritual can be easily individualized and composed.
     There is a nifty little method said to increase spiritual awareness and spirituality in general, that requires one to draw a spiral, on a piece of paper, and place ( for example, frame  and hang as a picture ) , somewhere where they will be able to observe it daily, preferably for a set period of time, let’s say, 15 minutes. 

Materia magicka and timing

    The best time for any rituals, spells or spiritual work, done to attune to the spiritual world, or replenish spirituality and empower oneself spiritually, is Monday in the hour of Moon. If it’s the full Moon, all the better! But it can really be done anytime, and other auspicious periods for these type of work are days and hours of Saturn and Jupiter.
    Various botanicals and minerals that augment spiritual power, or increase spiritual awareness can be used.  To name just a few botanical agents: Verbena, Galangal, Solomon’s seal root, Rue,  Master root, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Chamomile, Gardenia,  Althaea roots,  Flax seeds, White Mustard seeds, Benzoin, Rose etc.
    Minerals include but are not limited to Clear Calcite, Amethyst, Charoite, Sugilite, Chiastolite, Ruitiliated Quartz ,   Kyanite, Sodalite, Lodestone, Labradorite and so on.
     Spirals, and in particular the triskelle, are favorable as symbols and charms to aid in such work. Spirals naturally entice spirituality, and the triskelle or the triple spiral  will set things in motion, especially those dormant and stagnant which  spiritual prowess and spirituality are in this case. Of course, ambles of specific religions  are always beneficial and suggested.  Chalice of holiness, from the  6th and 7th Book of Moses is another good example.
     So for example a piece of Sugilite with  triple spiral drawn on it, carried in a purple bag with some Solomon seal root, and Verbena will empower one spiritually and magickaly, and help them empower and  feed their spirit.
     A simple linen cloth that "caught" few drops of willow juicecan be used as talisman to increase spiritual awareness and aptness. 

Ritual to rekindle spiritual prowess #1

     If for some reason, one finds themselves blocked,  on  the spiritual level, to remove these blocks, and strengthen and rekindle spiritual talents, take a piece of Ruitiliated Quartz, a purple candle and a bit of “Master key oil” ( You can substitute with: “Power oil” or “Holy spirit oil”   or even cold pressed, natural Olive oil as well ); dress the candle, anointing it from the top towards bottom, and place it on a small plate. Under the candle You can place a name paper with Your name written 7times inside a seven-pointed star, or Your name written in a continuous spiral,  many times.  If You do so, also place a piece or personal concern, like a hair from the top of Your head on the paper. Place the candle atop it, the crystal next to it, light the candle and recite:

Psalm 51:10-12
Isaiah 40:31
Psalm 23rd
Prayer to the Holy Spirt, or Prayer for the 7 gifts of Holy Spirit, either one

     Wait a bit more in silent meditation, watch the candle burning, and then take the Rutiliated quartz and carry it with You  at all  times for a full week. Let the candle burn all the way down. You may place the wax remaining from the ritual, alongside the petitioner paper, and crystal in a purple mojo-bag and carry it, or You can bury it, along with the paper and personal concern under some large tree. You could alternatively toss it into a running water, or at a seashore, during the tidal period.
     This is best done some Saturday, or on the Night of the Full Moon.

Ritual to rekindle spiritual prowess #2

     This should be done, just before the dawn, some Saturday. One will need a piece of Clear Calcite, a single white candle, preferably beeswax, a glass of water, and some Frankincense incense. It would be of great use to take a spiritual cleansing bath, or bath with Hoodoo blue ( Laundry bluing )  , and dress in new, preferably white clothes. They don’t have to be expensive at all, just new. Plain white T shirt, and white pants/ skirt / dress/ whatever. 
     Then, arrange Your altar. Set a white candle on it, If You have some nice, posh,   candleholder that You’ve been saving for special occasions, You can use that. Place a glass of water next to the candle, and state that it’s an offer, and token of gratitude for benevolent sprits, spirit guides, and any spirit interested in helping You.
     Now take a piece of cleansed, and charged Clear Calcite in Your hand, sit comfortably in front of Your altar and meditate a bit on Your state. What could have cause You to  stray away from spiritual way of life, when did it happen, how ? Try to evoke memories, in Your mind of doing spiritual work, attending spiritual services, whatever, and try to relive the emotions.
     Some 10 minutes before the Sunrise, place the Clear Calcite next to the candle, and light the incense. Fumigate Yourself,  then the altar, then the room, and place it also on the altar.
     A minute or two before the Sunrise start chanting:

“The darkness came and I got lost,
The part of me I love the most,
The spirit’s strength, and spiritual light,
It went away, far from my sight,
But with faith and hope, to be my guide,
I’ve found it again, it’s by my side,
No longer lost, I found my way,
With dawn light comes, it’s here to stay!”
     Light the candle and repeat the chant two more times. Watch candle’s flame burning a bit, then go about Your business. When the candle has burned all the way down, and extinguished itself, take the wax remaining, and the Clear Calcite. Bury the wax on some fertile grounds or in forest, and carry the Clear Calcite with You, keep it on the altar, or store in some nice, private place,  for example on the shelves where Your books on spirituality/occult are,  or among Your candles and occult paraphernalia.  
     It is done.

Seven day candle for spirituality and spiritual power

     Inscribe each of the seven segments of the candle, with one of the following Divine names:

1.Yud Yud Yud
2. Mem Lamed  Hey
3. Hey Zayin Yud
4. Daled Nun Yud
5. Vav Vav Lamed
6. Hey Hey Hey
7. Mem Yud  Kaf

     These should be written in  the Hebrew alphabet of course, first letter on the right here, would start from left in Hebrew, obviously.
     Dress candle with  the “Holy Spirit” oil , anointing the candle from top to the bottom, or from ends to the middle, and burn a segment/portion daily,  as You speak Your prayers and words of power, related to spiritual uplifting etc.

Bath against “spiritual fatigue”

·        *  Hyssop
·         * Rue
·        *  Basil
·         * Verbena
·         * Pinch of Sage

·         * OPTIONAL:  Laundry bluing 

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, If You wish to  use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits; Shadow of the Shadows Magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post


[1] Retrieved  from: http://orthodoxprayers.tumblr.com/post/37829495215/thursday-archangel-uriel-the-fire-of-god   posted here for educational, illustrative  and discussion purposes, without any ill will.
[2] My own translation of the original prayer, which was in available in Serbian here: http://www.crkvenikalendar.com/molitvenik.php  The words in brackets, or separated by the slash ( / ), are alternative. The prayer contains archaic words like the “add” ( Hades or Hell ), which could be translated in one way or another without losing their original  meaning.

IMAGE CREDITS: Images used here wer e taken, created and edited by myself

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