Jul 29, 2013

The mystic power of Tripple spiral or Triskele

The ever dazzling and enticing symbol of spiral, always present in nature,  had also anchored itself deeply into human mind, conscious and unconscious,   to which  art, myths, and traditions attest.  

The oldest findings of spirals drawn ( or rather, carved   ) by humans date back to Paleolithic age [1] , though more than likely most prolific periods of use and creation of spiral symbols include late propto-European and European times, namely Celtic culture.

Spirals convey patterns that occur in natural mechanism and are natural way of organization of systems, such spiral broadening the universe , or galaxies.  They are everywhere  around You, tree trunk rings, snail houses, entwining plants,  seashells, whirlpools , whirlwinds  and nasty tornados, water ripples on the surface of the peaceful like You enticed by throwing a stone in water.

Starting from a single point, and expanding, to the outer layers, nearly concentric, spirals represent creation, grow, path, motion, movement, introspection, or expansion from outwards  to outdoors, and intuitively the  tell and perpetuate old  truths and ideas about cyclical, expansive  and dynamic nature of things.  Spirals  depict ideas of journeying , initiation, the unity and connection of one and all, and spiritual yearning and connection to the Divine.

Spirals are very prominent symbol in Oceania,   where Maori people perceive them as symbol of Creation, and Polynesians see them as key to immortality [2] 

Hopi Indians see them as symbol of migration, and return to home, particularly the Triskele  ( triple spiral  ) variations, while the Aztecs see double , opposing, connected spirals, as symbols of Moon phases and thunder and/or lighting.

Even in popular art, spirals are a common motif, in comics they often represent infatuation or trance, usually drawn instead of eyes in such cases ,  or confused mental state , if  from  of descending, 3D style spiral above the characters heads.

Spiral dances are part of several traditions around the world. For example Pueblo Indians ( as in Native American Indians of course ) , New  Year Spiral dancing. Or  the ritual dance of Whirling Dervish(i)  of Mevelvi order, as a form of Dhkir ( rembrance of G’d ) and mimicking  various processes in Universe. [3] Or even Wiccan dance to raise cone of power , or the Pagan Beltaine spiral   dance around  the pole.
"Jackob's ladder" by William Blake,
1800. year, British Museum

Some Christians  believe that stairs  leading to Heaven are spiral, much like depicted on  William Blake’s “Jackob’s ladder”  painting.  Purgatory is also commonly believed to be spiral mountain, on which one ascends  via spirally rising road.

Spirals in magick and occult

The more “practical” use of spiral and it’s symbolism, energy and pattern,  is found in systems of magick, witchcraft or magicko-religious systems. Some of the uses of spirals in occultism I’ve encountered through my studies and work are:

·         Entice movement of energy, set things in motion
      ·         Increase occult powers and abilities,  strengthen skills, increase personal power
      ·         Trap and confuse spirits, or lead them to trap in various spirit dislodging rituals for example [4]
      ·         Elevate mind state, alter mind state, like In various meditations, or while simply drawing spirals

For these purposes they can be traced on altars with powders ( check the example I’ve given bellow ), printed symbols can be placed bellow vessels with water, or oil to empower, energize and bless them, they can be carved into candles to point out intention, and further empower candles, worn as amulets and talismans and so on.

In Santerian and Palo rituals they can be traced on the ground with gunpowder , in which case the client stands in centre, and lights the start of the spiral. Or they can be traced  to “conduct” spirit away from client , to a trap vessel, such as in Evilspirit removing ( dislodging ) spell , in Hoodoo tradition , like ones Dr E performs for clients.

There is a lot of place for Your own creative expression with spirals in magickal workings, for magick is after all, as much science,  that much art, according to some schools of thought.

Triple spiral or Triskele

One of the oldest found Triple spiral symbols comes from Newgrange  Passage tomb  in Ireland, dating  back   t o 3200th year BC. Sun auspiciously illuminates passage in it, on Winter’s Solstice.  And  on the entrance stone there is a triple spiral, one of the oldest such recorded symbols [5]
Newgrange Tripple spiral(s)  engraved upon entrance stone

While we do not know what the symbol originally represented in Celtic culture, In  neopaganism an pagan revival of Celtic culture and Wicca, they are associated with triple deities, such as Three-faceted Celtic goddess  Maiden-Mother-Crone, which to me, for one, makes excellent sense. Around 5th age, when Christianity was spread among Celtic countries, the symbols gained yet another meaning, it stood for Holy Trinity in  Christianity, and it still does. It illustrates the nature of Christian concept of Trinity fairly well, much like the  three leaved clover does, three in one, G’d the Father, G’d Son, and G’d Holy  Spirit.

The very word triskele, or the Greek Triskelion, means three legged, and this illustrates the three
Common version of Triskele symbol/pattern
“branches” or “arms” or spiral.  In different cultures, or even different systems they represent three concepts  associated with a single idea. Like the deities examples given above ( in text  ) or, past, present and future in chronology ,  spirit, mind and body in anthroposophy and so on. 

The fact that these three spirals are connected, and under specific angles, makes the Triple spiral symbol even more fascinating. For it strikes the observer with an overwhelming sensation of movement, motion, and a constant one, kind of  like Earth’s revolution,  or hands of the clock.

According to a symbolist [6] as stated on her beautiful website ( What’s Your sign ) , If we combine these general ideas, with the fact that Lunar creatures in Alchemy and European Art where depicted three legged, the triple spiral becomes clearly associated with Intuition, spiritual expansion, Feminine,  mysteries , Subconscious, Hidden desires, Illumination. 

Right on spot, If You ask me, as there are three basic  phases of Moon ( New, half and Full, )  and If we consider that  the numbers  associated with Moon  are 9, 81, 369, 3321,  first one being  number 3 on cube, and the rest  are dividable with three.

So in a nutshell, a Triple spiral, or  Triskele, or  Triskelion represents,  motion, movement, action, progression, spiritual and other kind of expansion and growth, competition, mystery,  association with the Divine and alike.

Triple spiral Action ,  or Enlivening  ritual

When I was composing the following ritual  ( for this post ) , I wanted it to  be a kind of Road opener  ritual/spell. To get things  moving from stagnant place, and set them to motion, and also enable continuous success in some affair  or endeavor coming Your  way

On a  piece of paper, write down Your name, problem You have, and how You wish it to unfold.

Now keep folding the paper until it has became small enough to fit nicely bellow a candle You will be using in the ritual. You’ll need an orange, or purple candle, not too small, not too big.

Using some Road Opener, or Shifting sands, or Success powder,  trace the triple spiral. Place the paper in the centre, and over it   set  the candle.  Now dress the candle with Van Van or Road opener oil, and Read Psalms 8th ( to get dominion over situation, and for success )  23rd , 91st . If the condition is long standing,  persistent and causes You danger, be sure to read Psalm 70th as well. Add any heartfelt prayer or petition, asking for success, and what You need.  Wait for a while then snuff the candle.    

Read the psalms and prayers for the consecutive two days as well,  and on the third day, after You’ve finished with the praying and the candle  burned all the way ,  collect the remaining wax, powder, and paper, and bury them under some tree in forest, or under a plant in Your pot, to even further supercharge the spell.
Hope You had and interesting read, and hence well spent time, and hopefully You also find this helpful and  inspirational, in some way
Abundance of Blessings, Shadow :)

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, hence If You wish to use any parts of it elsewhere online, feel free but add   the credits  Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post

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IMAGE CREDITS: Images ( in order of appearance )

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Triskele-Symbol-spiral.png ,  First image edited by myself for use here, all used for illustrative and explanatory  purposes, without any ill wil l

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