Dec 28, 2014

Space cleansing tips , for a better year

    Small token of gratitude for you, because you read what i write ;) 
     It’s that transitive time of the year, once again.  The point in time, at which we all, despite its festive tone, feel the extra stress, and the extra burden. We long to release the ills and pains, misfortune and fails, and jump right on the success bandwagon. Should we fail, we easily fall into depressive mood and then self-pity ourselves in desperation.  The truth is, life is complicated and it rarely comes out all perfect just at the end of December, to conveniently make this transition pain-free and all “birds and bees” as it were.
Holly attracts  benevolent spirits to the house

     Once we fall prey to such, mass-produced and vulgarly perpetuated elusive and counterfeit notions, we can and will only harm ourselves, preventing the actual grow and success. It’s like the notion, that If You don’t have a Valentine, on Valentine’s day, You are an epitome of failure.
     So rather than obsessing with where You will spend New Year, what to wear, and will You have someone to call “yours” on that particular eve, focus on harnessing the power of the moment.  Tune to the spiritual forces of new beginnings, blockbusting and road opening, hope, chances and opportunities. It’s not really that hard.   But to be successful in something, You ought to make sure that there are no things dragging You back, pulling You down, like rusty, heavy chains. Spiritual cleansing and clearing, is something people foolishly neglect, particularly at this time of year. You would not keep Your physical body grimy, filthy and unpleasantly smelling, but You are ok with all kind of spiritual debris, and impurity? I don’t think so. What You don’t see, can definitely harm You, and badly too. 
     In fact, many people who come to spiritual workers seeking uncrossing, need cleansing badly.  Spiritual filth accumulates, chocking Your subtle bodies, and deflecting the positive energy coming Your way. Likewise is with Your home or working place. Bad energy lingering around, equals bad productivity, and ultimately, frustration.
     Even If You don’t “have it all” this December, cleanse Yourself and Your home, and then You will have incomparably higher chances to attain what You desire. To accomplish your goals. To live prosperously, find a new lover, get a better job, move to a better place, get recognition and respect… You name it J
     This is the best (!!!) time of the year to not desperate, but instead deal away with, and cut ties with things, emotions, and conditions keeping us down. Here are a few tips.

Physical cleaning

     It may seem like common sense.   And it certainly should be, but why do majority of people then have problem of disposing of the things that not only have no  use anymore, but are maybe even horrid mementos to  the bad things that happened to us?  Prior to the New Year, do Your best to clean away the clutter in Your home, workplace, etc. As thoroughly as humanly possible. Dispose of the old, unnecessary thing that take space, and poke the eye.   If You have some clothes that You can’t force Yourself to get rid of, find a way to do so. I can not tell You what are the things which are obsolete in Your case, but there is a popular rule of thumb, as it were, saying that If You have not even though about something, let alone used it in  six month, it’s more than likely  something You need to let go off. Of course, this  is not physics, and we can not take this  concept as a “law”, but If You think of it, it does make perfect sense when it comes to things we like to hoard.
     In short, physical clutter, draws, and creates spiritual clutter. Spiritual clutter pulls You down and keeps You from progressing. Think about it, the next time the though: “oh I might need this, I can’t  toss it away… “ crosses Your mind. Hesitate, and it’s only going to get worse.
     Much like You will be bathed, and perfumed for the New Year’s eve, make sure Your house, bedroom, workplace etc. is as well. Filthy windows, dirty floors, dust covering the furniture, are all “bad Feng shui” y’a know J
     You can combine methods of physical cleansing with those of spiritual cleansing by using formulas and products, such as Chinese wash, or Florida water. A candle can both cleanse the air ( if beeswax, at least ), aromatize, as well as cleanse and bless spiritually, You just need to use it properly. 

Deep spiritual space cleansing

     Following are some tips, for cleansing tricks that usually require 3, 7 or more days to complete,
and require items to act as sponges, as it were, for spiritual energy. You arrange them strategically, allow them to drain, accumulate and trap every single particle of negativity and then dispose of them. This type of spiritual work should follow the physical cleansing to “seal the deal” and ensure that You are welcoming the new year with enough space and potential for positive energy. So without further ado; here are some practical tips, for this is a practical blog after all lol ;
·         Place a bowl of white rice in a room where You feel negative or unproductive energy might linger. Replace weekly, until you feel it has been enough.
           To swiftly sponge-out bad energy from a room or a house, chop unpeeled onion into quarters, and place each piece in a corner of the room. Allow them to stay overnight, then bury them in the ground the next day. Do this for 5-7 nights.
·         Similarly, people place a whole brown chicken egg in each corner, but keep them there for seven days. Then they either flush them down the toiled or bury in the ground.
·         Dissolve a small square or chunk of Camphor into metal pan of water and keep under bed for seven days. This is particularly beneficial in case You have troubled sleep or visitors from   the   other plains of existence.
·         Keep a cup or bowl of Vinegar with a pinch of salt in it, as close to the center of the room as possible. It might smell   not-so-good, but it will clear away unwanted presences, and bad energy. Replace weekly.
·         Slice lemons in half. Place them on plates with salt, and arrange strategically  throughout the room or house. Some of these will go bad after 24 hours or even less, and these should be replaced immediately. The lemons that go bad in such  short time  indicate a lot of negative energy, in place where they stood, but it also means they’ve absorbed and neutralized a good deal of it. Few more lemons with salt on the same place, and it should be cleared. If they don’t go bad for seven days, You dispose of them.
·         Pour some salt in four corners of the room, each room in house should be treated separately, if possible. You can place some salt in those small, disposable plastic coffee cups. Dispose of after 5 or 7 days, and repeat few times If You feel the need.
     Also you can arrange, and place Hematite, Quartz or Selenite, the more of them the merrier, somewhere in the room, to cleanse the stale energy, bring fresh one, stir things into motion and dispel negative energy.

Bath for cleansing and leaving the bad behind
·         Slices of Lemon
·         Salt
·         Florida water, or Holy Water
     In a bath, and take it sometime prior to the New Year ’s Eve. You can even make it into aerosol (dilute in water, obviously), take a shower, and then spray it on oneself and leave it to air dry. You can use this as a room spray as well, spraying around house to remove  the negative energy.

Draw luck floorwash

     After You have cleaned and cleansed Your home, early on the 1st January ( ideally, but this can be done on 2nd, 3rd and so on ) pour some Conjure water in a bucket of spring water, add a some cinnamon infusion and a smallest pinch of brown sugar, and scrub the floors from the front door inwards to draw fortune, and abundance in Your home.
    In case You don’t already know, Conjure water, is what they consider to be the most popular formulae in New Orleans style Hoodoo, and is a 10% solution of Essential oil of Citronella , in alcohol. It’s both a powerful cleansing and luck drawing agent.

Well, I hope that You will have a wonderful upcoming year, that You will be healthy, happy and prosperous. May Your wishes and dreams come true, and may G’d bless you. Thank You for reading, and  many blessings!

With love, Shadow J

NOTES: This article was written and created by myself, hence If You wish to use any parts of it elsewhere online,  feel free, but add credits  Shadow of the Shadows magick place, or a direct link to this post

IMAGE CREDITS: The first  image is a courtesy of the  amazing and lovely Graphic’s fairy , used here for illustrative purposes without  any ill will

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