Dec 24, 2012

Pine, the fresh and powerful cleanser

Pine is  the term referring to group of plant species, always trees  ( sometimes shrubs   ) , with evergreen , metamorphosed leaves,   or "needles" ( aciculae ) . Now in essence Pines, have four type of foliage,  but the two are impermanent , and  last  two are not photosynthetic,  hence, for a magickal practitioner, herbalist, it’s more than enough to be familiar with needles only. We say  Pines are evergreen, which would translate to – keep their foliage during the winter,  and do not ever reject their foliage. While techincaly, this is correct, Pines do reject and and renew their foliage,  but they do it constantly, hence they always have equal amount of photosynthetic foliage.

They grow fairly tall, they can grow up to 50 meters, Siberian pine and few other species even more.  They are monoecinous ( Individual, in this case plant has both reproductive units, male and female  )  , mostly with thick, hard bark . They are coniferous, meaning the seeds are contained in cones, couple of seeds in each scale of the cone, scales spirally arranged around a base in cone. This, well - known cone is however female cone, one that can take 2 or 3 years to mature, whereas male cones are smaller, and less permanent. To a laymen they may not appear as cones at all, they are  most often located as single formations on the  top of the branch, and they contain pollen. After the pollination they   fall  off,  and  hardly ever endure more than one year, in fact  they mostly remain for few months. Female cones are used prominently in magick, unlike the male ones, and also in cuisine, where the seeds are used. 

Pines are cosmopolites, they are spread all over the world, although predominantly on Northern hemisphere, they are resistant, often xeromorphic,  or adapted to the cold climate.  They prefer more acidous soil, as opposed to most of the deciduous trees. They make a significant part of  desert, Mediterranean, and mountain flora.  Pines ( gen. Pinus )  are part of  subfamily Pinoideae in family Pinaceae. In New Zeland and Australia,  typical species of the  Pinaceae family, do not occur,  there are several species speculated to be native in Australia, but this is highly debatable. Most of them are  allochtonous, or simply  part of decorative dendrofolora (  woody plants, trees or shrubs ), or are industrially grown.

Where I am ( Eastern Europe, Mediterranean area )  common species include: Pingus nigra , Pinus Mugo (  Mountain Pine ) , Pinus silvestris ( so called Scots pine ), Pinus peuce ( with five needles in one group ), Pinus halepensis, Pinus Pinaster ( “marine” Pine ) and few other species. Others  species  that are present are not indigenous. If You are anywhere on the Northern hemisphere, You should have some of theose as part of Your country’s flora, and You should   have no troubles in attaining  the needles at all.  Just don’t confuse them with other in the  class Pinidae, which  also have needles , such as Spruce or Fir, for  in magick , while they may share  few properties here and there, they are certainly not used interchangeably. Pine needles are used in healing ( amazing for inhalation and treating all sort of respiratory diseases , mostly used in form of essential oil  ) and the wood makes great material for making wooden structures, furniture and so on. The hospitals that specialize in treating respiratory tract  conditions are often set in Pine forest,  as the pine essential oil has showed strong antibacterial and possible antiviral   properties, and is fungicide as well. Pines  also make a secondary source for camphor.

Magickal use of Pine

Pine needles, cones, bark and even sawdust are prominently used in magick. Pine has cleansing, protective, healing , exorcism, money drawing properties, and is sometimes,  due to  it’s cones and fact that is evergreen, associated with fertility and longevity.  

It’s use in Hoodoo might have been imported either from the Indian ( Native American ) prominent use of pine as spiritual cleanser, or from European Herbalism. 

Pine cone was  the symbol originally present  on top of  Hermes’ caduceus  , and the large Pine cone  is can be seen in Vatican , in Cortille Belvedere [1] Pine cones also symbolize fertility, abundance and protection. According to old European lore, eating one pine seed per day, from Pine  cone collected at Midsummer would ensure  immunity to fire weapons,  immortality or at least longevity.   If You wish to dispose of some old cone used in magick, You can burn it, and plant the seeds J

Branches of pine were used to clean the house and doorsteps, physically and spiritually the same time.  Crosses were sometimes fashioned out of these and hung  around the house for protection.  They were hung  above   beds  of s the ick, or placed bellow  them, to speed up the healing process ,  or contain epidemics.

In Japan, branches are hung above the entrance doors “to ensure the continual joy within” [2]  

In Hoodoo, Pine is often burned  to exorcise, and cleanse the dwellings, mixed with Camphor when extremely strong work is required, or in Cast off Evil formulas.  A respected Hoodoo author  suggests  this amazing substitution for Chinese wash, If You happen to lack it, which is made from Pine scented detergent to which some Van Van condition oil has been added [3] I’d  add some salt  too, perhaps.  Pine scent is believed to  be money drawing in Hoodoo, and baths and headwashes made with Pine leafs heal mental troubles and affections.

Here are few ways to employ the pine needles in magick:

Incense for exorcism  of negative energy and spirits
      ·         Pine sawdust  or/and resin
      ·         Very small amount of Camphor
      ·         Frankincense tears

Burn to disturbed places to exorcise them of evil.    

Also  here is a wonderful  “Charm for eternal youth”[4]  written by Valerie Worth,  presented  here for Your convenience ,

For more of beautiful spells like this , get the her book “Crone’s book of Charms & Spells”

 Mental affliction healing bath

Simple, but powerful  bath, that can be used as headwash as well, in order to  magickaly heal mental afflictions, disorder s, confusion and bring clarity:

·         Pine needles
      ·         Sage leafs
      ·         Bay Laurel leaf ( just a few shall suffice )
      ·         Rosemary  twig
      ·         Some Lavender flowers
      ·         Some Blessed Salt mixed with Crushed Laundry Bluing
      ·         A spoon of Holy water or Florida water

Make infusion from the Pine needles, Sage leafs,  Bay Laurel, Rosemary and Lavender , add salt with some Laundry Bluing,  and Holy water, or  Florida  water ,  and use to bathe and wash head.
Enjoy the upcoming New Year and may it bring all the best to You , and If You wish to  prepare Yourself spiritually, as well as  take use of the holiday energy in the best way  You may want to   read my posts on "New year supertitions and belifs" and   about "New  year spells and  rituals"
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NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself , should You desire to use any part of it elswhere  online, add credits, Shadow of Shadow's magick place,, or a direct link to the post
[2] According to Cunningham, Scott, stated in “Cunningham’s encyclopedia of magickal plants”  , 205th pag
[3] Yronwode, Catherine  as stated in her work: “Hoodoo Herb and Root magick, a material magica of African American Conjure”
[4] Worth, Valerie, “Crone’s book of  Charms  & Spells”, 92nd, and 93rd page , 2008 Llewellyn publications,  used  for educational  and illustrative purpose , without   any ill will of whatsoever
IMAGE CREDITS: Images used in the "Charm for eternal youth" by Valeerie Worth  are from and  Wikipedia and are edited by myself. The botanical illsutration of the Pine is from used here for explanatory purposes  without any ill will. Kabbalistic name of G'd ( 12th )  is from used without any ill will,   for blessings and benefit of   all that wish to use  it


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i know this is an old post,
but i wanted to add something relevant: pine in hoodoo comes from it's use among indigenous american peoples. it was used as an aspergant (to sprinkle holy water) herb by tribes in the south east, as well as burned by tribes in the plains and far north. in cree and ojibway culture it maintains a dual use of both clearing evil spirits AND bringing abundance (thus translated as 'prosperity').
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