Nov 1, 2012

Swift herbal charms

Herbal charms  represent  a method of using herbs in magick, a way to employ herbs magickally, really, and carry them  with oneself or hang somewhere. In such case, these herbal charms will act as amulets and talismans. Some more elaborated forms of such talismanic magick are well known Gris gris charms , Medicine bags, Hexbags or the bit  notorious and powerful Hoodoo mojo bags. However, each of the mentioned have strict rules of how are they made, regarding color, number  of ingredients, material, time of preparation and other. Furthermore, they may not contain only herbs, but other material such as mineral or zoological curios, and pentacles and symbols of sorts,  or famous charms  such  as for example horseshoe. Sometimes they are identified with herbal hexbags , or even herbal sachets.

Unlike above mentioned, special forms of talismanic magick, such as Hoodoo mojo bags for example , also  called Mojo hands, or Conjure hands,  simple herbal charms   are  less formal,  but also have a  smaller “life spawn” , which means they need to be replaced every now and then . Many authors suggest this should be done every three months. You can use number  symbolism when making them, You can make them in specific time but You do not really have to. Which leaves so much space for Your artistic or other kind  expression, and improvisation.

These were always very popular in European folk magick.  And with good reason. They were easy to make , and handy to carry around and use, especially  for those very pragmatic cunning folk of Europe.

In essence, herbal charms, as discussed here ( in this  article ) refers to any applications of herb, or mixture of herbs , alone or in some  sort of pouch, or container, without additional mineral or animal curious and other kind of ingredients. That means , such charms could range from a simple herbal loop, or ring or chaplet, herbal bundle, over pouches   filled with herbs,   to jar “fixed” using herbs only.

They require no specific consecration, nor “feeding”,  like done with mojo hands for example , which does not mean one may /should not do so, If they chose to.  Smudging the finished talisman, praying over it, breathing upon it , sprinkling with some Holy water, placing on a power symbol , all can be done, if  practitioner opts to do so, as means of consecration and  Blessing the finished charm.  These charms could be used alone, as amulets or talismans or parts of spells and rituals, and   could be deployed and / or  employed in various ways.

One could :

      .   Carry these charms as personal amulets , in pockets, purse, or even on a string around the neck
      ·         Hung in house, or rooms to protect them or draw good luck
      ·         Bury in someone’s or own yard to either protect/bless  or cross
      ·         Place under pillow or bed for dream magick , or to cause specific effect such as marital  happiness inspiring, inspiring faithfulness, healing etc
      ·         Placed on altar  to perform specific  goal , or  be adjunct   ( in/of power   ) in various spells and rituals
      ·         Given to someone as a gift,  to protect them , or even to fascinate them,  for example to tell the truth ,
      ·         Used as aspergent , or thrown into flames to produce quick,  albeit  not overly permanent effect

and so on , use Your imagination ;)

These herbal charms, can of course, vary greatly, in  appearance and form , from simple herb bundles tied up with a piece of yarn,  charm-bags  or  sachets filled with herb,   plant-braided rings or loops, to a   stylized glass vial  charm necklace filled with botanicals.

And here are few examples :

Basil  protective charm

You will need  some   red yarn or string, a Basil sprig,  and small container with Holy Water or  Consecrated water*. Some people may feel inclined to light a candle as they make this charm, I know I would. A simple tapper or even tealight white   is all  great.  Dip the yarn in  water three times as You state Your desire    for the protection or call upon Your Higher Power to aid You in such.  Let it air dry. Remove the leaves  from the lower part of the Basil’s  stem,  and stat wrapping it with the yarn. Perhaps 13 circles ( or wrapping, entwining  ) is great number, when it comes to protection and  employing that seemingly unlucky  power , in a constructive manner, to create lucky conditions while removing  the bad ones. Otherwise, wrap the yarn around the stem as many times as You see fit.

Upon finishing, tie a knot on the yarn, to secure it, and read over the  ( newly created  ) charm Psalm  91st, and Prayer to the Venerable ( Honoroble, Life bearing  or “to the Holy Cross” in  Orthodox Christianity ) Cross, which You can find in some of my previous posts, such as that on September magick
I was taught that an amulet fixed this way shall protect   one that  made such, as long as it stays  in 5m ( somewhere around 16 feet I think , or  bit less than  200 inches ) perimeter  of the “user” *
Herbal "loop", ring or circle
charm example

Herb bundle charm example

Sprit repelling  charm circle

Form a interlaced circle from fresh stalks of St John’s  Wort, Rosemary and Vervain. If You are crafty, form an equal armed cross in the middle ( kind of like Earth Cross , or Celtic knotted Cross )  suspend it over a piece of string to air dry in nice warm place. When dry  hung in Your house ( over window or door )  or carry along oneself to repel evil spirits, and prevent    them from influencing or harming You.

 Practitioners’ charm

This one shall come handy for anyone practicing occult, while having to stugle with the nuisance of preying and judgmental eyes.      Simply combine  the herbs suggested  in a purple charm bag ( or a sachet ), to be safe of persecution :

 ·         Carnation flowers
 ·         Angel’s tears plant ( Soleirolia Soleirolii ) also conveniently called “mind-your-own-  business”(UK)
 ·         Fern seeds ( substitute with Heliotrope plant If You happen to  lack it )

Wealthy way charm

This charm is carried to attract wealth,  and  money.  I imagined it as a  vial-charm, in one of them glass-with-cork-lid vial pendants, but it could be made into a sachet and/or  charm- bag.  In the latter case, simply place all herbs on a square piece of green fabric , then  tie  it all up together, into a  small pouch.

If You are making a  charm vial, it is fairly simple as well,  just place the roots at the bottom of the vial ( can be a small bottle as well  ) add the leaves and top it all with Cinnamon.

      ·         Bayberry root piece
      ·         Piece of dry Ginger rhizome ( “root” )
Charm vial with herbs and roots
      ·         Patchouli leaves  or one larger Five Fingers grass leaf
      ·         Basil leaves
      ·         Top it with some powdered Cinnamon

To consecrate,  You may read the Psalm 23rd , over it daily, for Seven day, and whenever you are in  a need of a little extra income   swiftly.

Asperger   or sprinkler

These vary from a single branch or stem of a plant to a elaborate combination of plants,  tied up together, sometimes affixed to a handle out of solid   wood or other material to which    symbols and writings  are written, or  engraved , as done occasionally in Higher magick.
This brings up a question are these to be treated as a tool or a charm ?  Why not both
J   The fact that the choice of  sprinkler’s building material is neither random nor based on  pure technical possibilities of the material ( like in a case of standard, purchased, metal aspergers ) , and  that the material contributes with  it’s “ashe”  to the goal, makes it partially a charm. Hence  why is discussed here and here is an illustration  :

“Thou shalt then make unto thyself a Sprinkler of vervain, fennel, lavender, sage, valerian, mint, garden-basil, rosemary, and hyssop, gathered in the day and hour of Mercury, the moon being in her increase. Bind together these herbs with a thread spun by a young maiden, and engrave upon the handle on the one side the characters…” [1]

The example given, is from a classic occult text “Cavicula Solomonis” ( or the Greater key of the King Solomon  )   , but for everyday needs a simple Rosemary branch, bundle of Sage and Basil or all three combined    together,   would make a great sprinkler, to be used in purification, banishment, uncrossing and exorcism ritual sprinkling.


 Witch finder talisman by Cunningham, Scott

If You feel alone , and You’d like to attract and draw other practitioners ( witches ) You should make and carry with You this curious  herbal charm, according to Sir  Scott, Cunningham :

      ·         Rue
      ·         Agrimony
      ·         Maidenhair  Fern
      ·         Broomstraw
      ·         Ground Ivy

Tie up in purple cloth and carry. [2]

I have never personally made or use d this talisman,  but seems to me like a finely composed one, containing things such as Broomstraw and Ground Ivy that, simply eradiate with “witchy”   energy.
Hope You find this interesting and helpful, many Blessings,    from Shadow ;)

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself,  therefore, should You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free but add  credits:   Shadow of the Shadows magick place, , or a direct link to this post

*The method presented here  is my own, tad tweaked  version of the traditional method ( which does not include soaking the yarn in Holy water, nor does it suggest  any  specific prayer to be read over it, it’s simply suggested that “some” prayer/s be read over it ) as popular among Russian Orthodox     Christians.

[2] “Complete book of Incenses, Oils and Brews” page 191st , by Sir Cunningham Scott,   used here for explanatory and reviewing purposes, without any ill will

IMAGE CREDITS:  All  ( drawings  , pics )   used are my own scribbles J



Frater H:.T:. said...

Just thought I'd share a fantastic "Herbal Amulet" that was taught to me MANY Moons ago:
Gather together 15 Oak twigs or smaller sticks, bind them into 5 bundles of 3 twigs in each by tying each end with a length of red string/leather/ribbon.
Now you have your 5 bundles, use each to make a pentagram...Tied at each joint with more red string & attach another string from the uppermost point of the pentagram with which to hang it from.
..and there you have it, a very powerful, ancient & hand-made amulet for protection, blessing of the home or hearth & even great protection in the car!
**NOTE: One needs to perform whatever incantations, consecrations, rituals etc to imbue this item with Magickal Intent otherwise it's merely a bundle of sticks!

Shadow said...

What a crafty charm , I love it, thank You so much for reading and sharing :)