Nov 27, 2012

Occult aid in Astral Projecting

"Departure pour le sabbat" an artistic depiction of witches flight
astral one, perhaps?
Even though nowadays , astral projecting is a spiritual technique, and as  such,  can,  and should really be practiced  via basic spiritual methods, why not help it with the occult, as in;  spells, rituals and formulas ? We must take in consideration that not all people are created equal and that their aptness  in certain forms of ether PSI or ESP  faculties will vary deepening on  many things,  mostly their mental profile and overall nature, but also on the most mundane things such as health and mood .

Some people simply find it hard  to comprehend the  intangible nature of astral  and  other, more subtle of human bodies, hence this very state in which they cling to material will prevent them from properly and swiftly projecting. In that case they might need an additional help, in form of “ occult mediators”  or  carriers of a sort. Much like protein carriers in the cell membrane ;)

Furthermore, If we look  into old European,  and even older shamanistic techniques for such, we  will surely encounter  entries about hallucinogens, containing all sort of atropines and  DMT derived  organic compounds , that were used to aid  such.  It was no accident, nor had  our predecessors relied  on hallucinations, in fact many  of the hallucinogens are also  toxic,  and/or they have vasoconstrictive effect, they slow the blood rate, and hence cause state similar to anabiosis and catalepsy , in which it’s much easier to let go off the “chains of the physical body” . The only problem was, that in significant number of attempts, practitioner would let go off the body permanently, some due to overdose , and some even enjoyed being  free and would feel reluctant  to return  to physical body, which from, “astral perspective” seemed  so limited.  

Being this a practical blog, I shall share some formulas and recipes that will help two   achieving  things, both which  are essential when it comes to astral projection:

·          Inducing astral projection and

·         Protecting the physical body during the astral travel

Astral projection is achieved by few basic spiritual  mechanisms:

·         Loosening the ties of physical body, hence releasing  the subtle  body ( anything from sensory deprivation,  toxins to trauma  and NDE )

·         “banishing” or forcing out the astral body  out

·         Drawing the astral body out, luring with something ( rituals, or invoking spirits that can help, and draw the body out , being just one example )

So whether You  chose to simply visualize and meditate, or apply toxic substances  that are to be absorbed through Your skin  , as You lie by the  fireplace, ready to fly out through chimney, and ave the neighbors  ( lol )  , the   basic mechanism is pretty  much the same, as You can see

You can visualize Yourself climbing a ladder, rope, or simply leaving Your body. You can gaze into specific object ,  focusing on the desire to see the object  even when You fall asleep , which should result in realizing, that at certain point, how  Your body had  indeed fallen asleep, yet You can still see the object. Your consciousness  , as well as astral  shell, would then be awake and ready to leave physical body by simple act of willing such.  The last is called “the gazing technique”  

Applying these or any other variety of spiritual techniques, alone, human can project their astral shell ( body  ) outside the physical, containing the major part of consciousness within the astral shell.   As You see the very concept  is tad  puzzling,  therefore , it is no surprise that many find it hard to accomplish. And as I stated before, occult help, in form of formulas, spells and rituals is a priceless boost in such situation.  Indeed, it’s   confidence boost and power adjunct. A kick -start , in urban slang terms , If You will J

And as this is a practical blog, we shall now discuss few methods and formulas  used in astral projection /ing , some of which I composed myself :

Flying ointments

Traditional flying ointment  contained some quite peculiar  odds and ends, and honestly there was no real need for all of such. Among other, one would  often  find them containing Belladonna, Aconite or Aconite infusion,  in some older records also Henbane and Hemlock.   Others would contain the Angeles trumpet  ( several  species of Datura or Brugmanisa   ). Mentioned plants contain alkaloids,  such as scopolamine ( highly toxic, found in Henbane, as well as in Datura, along with Hyosocamine   ) , atropine ( found mostly in Deadly Nightshade or Belladona   and also Datura , along with traces of DMT ),  coniine  and N-methyconiine ( Hemlock ) and so on. In general ,  they act as anticholinergics , deliriants, hallucinogens and plainly  poisons , with high rate of fatality. However, properly dosed many are used medicinally, and they all have very predictable biochemical mechanism. That by no means says I am advocating use of such , more so without   substantial knowledge of applied or clinical biochemistry and human physiology. 

The basic role of these  was to “numb” the physical body, draw it to cataleptic state and  while stimulating certain zones of the brain, even  inhibit some rational-oriented zone of cortex telencephali, and even  inhibit certain neurotransmitters(s). In all honesty, the biochemical dynamics of such cocktail of toxins and mind altering substances, and  it’s  ability to cause just the right set of cascade reactions is still fascinating, giving in consideration  age when these formulas originated.   That just goes to say that fluffy new age authors that claim these people were just “doing drugs and hallucinating”  are trying to be bigger Catholics than the Pope >.< 

Other, ( normally  ) non toxic ingredients would  usually be something along the lines of : Chimney soot , and baby’s or black pig’s ( mostly in Eastern Europe  ) fat. These seem to be the ingredients included in such formulas  solely for their magickal qualities, not their pharmacological effect .

And this is the main downside , in my humble opinion, of the toxic flying ointments. They are crude , dangerous tools which produce effect mostly  due to  chemical and consequently physical trauma they cause.

For the sake of illustration we will share few common found toxic formulas of such ( Middle age type ones ) listing the ingredients:

1. Parsley, water of aconite, poplar leaves, and soot.

2. Water parsnip, sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat's blood, deadly night. shade, and oil.

3. Baby's fat, juice of water parsnip, aconite, cinquefoil, deadly nightshade, and soot. [1]

Luckily there is no need for such in  modern  days magick. Today’s flying oils and ointments contain the  nontoxic, often even pleasant an benefactor-y  plants  , carefully chosen according to their magickal attributes an qualities,  not depending on  their active  ( pharmacologically active )  principles, hence You will be certain that the effects they cause are purely legal, as opposed  to  delirium, which the improper dosage  of the toxic plants would cause,  and that could then be confused with the actual experience.

Furthermore, due to the  unsophisticated, even traumatic effect  the toxic ointments would have on the physical body,  the very result was often ethereal projection, which would mean the medium had to be used to carry to practitioner as ethereal body is much more dense then astral and cannot fly or pass through soild matter. As an carrier  medium , witches had often used the broom’s astral doppelganger, which served to carry them, and hence, it's  ( possibly )  how the broom-flying witch  myth and cliché  could have  com e to existence. 

The non toxic formulas often contain plants  associated with Moon, Water, Saturn, Jupiter,  those associated with  spiritual empowerment, precognition,  mental powers and spirit in general.  Hence such things as Mugwort, Wormwood, Dandelion root, Cinquefoil, Cinnamon,  Sandalwood powder , Dragon’s blood, spices such as Vanilla ,  Saffron , resins such as Benzoin and  many other.

Here are some examples;

Non toxic flying ointment according to Sir Cunningham, Scott
·         1 part Dittany of Crete
·         1 part Cinquefoil
·         1 part Mugwort
·         1 part Parsley

Prepare using the formula for making an ointment in the herbal section and anoint the body prior to an Astral Projection session. [2]

Astral projection ointment ( my own formula )

It is assumed here that the reader is familiar with procedure of making ointments, salves and crèmes, and that thus can adopt the ingredients quantity and can chose the best  form to use them ( infused oil, essential oil , tincture  , dry plant  etc.  )

Also I will assume that You know how to macerate, infuse , and use double boiler

·         Five fingers grass few leafs
·         Mugwort dried
·         Cinnamon powder, very small amount ( essential oil can substitute in minute amounts for those with less sensitive, and less irritable  skin )
·          Sandalwood essential oil
·         Benzoin tincture
·         Dandelion root tincture
·         Vanilla or Ylang Ylang essential oil in few drops

This can be made into fine cream, if we make infused oil of Five  fingers grass, Mugwort and Cinnamon. I chose seven ingredients as  the number 7 is the number of spirit  .

Or You can simply make basic ointment and crème  adding the following oil :

Astral projection oil:

This one comes from my document Ars  Olei, about making magickal oils

This oil formula is designed to help astral projection

   Five fingers grass
   Celery seed
   Mugwort or Wormwood
   Dittany of Crete
   Sandalwood essential oil
   Ylang Ylang essential oil
   Cinnamon essential oil

Add all to base oil, Almond or Olive oil, and use to dress Your head and pulse spots, prior to going for the nightly rest, when astral projection is desired. This oil will alsoserve well to boost psychic abilities.

Dion Fortune’s astral  travel poweder/incense

Following ingredients are called for in astral travel formula to  be combined according to  the renewed occultist and   author Dion Fortune

·         Benzoin
·         Dittany of Crete
·         Sandalwood
·         Vanilla bean

Grind all ingredients to fine powder*

Burn it on charcoal to accompany Your travels  [3]

Astral call ritual

I wrote  the following ritual, due to being asked by someone, who wanted to meet with another person on astral  plane,  being that this person was  very far away .  It might be tad bit of a "fare stretch", but I see no reason why  such thing could not be done., quite frankly.  Ritual was modeled after principles of  sympathetic drawing magick, hence the use of effigy. The burning of the effigy is purely symbolical, to represent the releasing of the spirit, and setting it free from “the shackles of the physical body” , which means, as long as You have no ill intentions towards the person, You will not  be harming them.  Also, the effigy here is meant to be of "single use" only, as the aim of the ritual is not to  try to permanently take control of someone’s sprit. Finally, If this seems unethical to You, skip this one.

Make a voodoo doll baby from purple fabric, and  add some Star Anise,  Mugwort,  and Cinnamon inside, all well dry.  Paste the  photography of the party on the doll’s face, or add some of the personal concerns inside the  doll along with  herbs and other stuffing ( let say cotton , must be something that will burn easily ).

Place a fireproof dish on Your altar ( or working surface ), and place three purple candles around it so that they form a triangle.  Dress them with  some “Magnet oil” . 

Baptize ( and/or consecrate, bless ) the doll properly.  Light some soothing incense,  then place the doll on Your left palm. Dress it’s head  with just a few drops of “Astral projection oil” ( see the formula earlier in the text ) as You say :

 The "Rolor" square, once believed to
enables one to fly like a crow
 May Your head be free of ills, pains and stress , may it become light and  powerful, and turned in my direction ! I call You here!   May it realize how body is temporary and the spirit is eternal! “  

Add few drops of the oil elsewhere  on the body and say:

May Your body become light as a feather, restful, and may Your spirit fly. Let it arise and come to meet me ! So Mote it be !”

Draw a ROLOR square on a piece of parchment or brown paper, and attach it to the doll’s chest, saying:

May You find it easy to fly like a bird. May You spirit rise easily and swiftly. So mote it be!

Now lay the doll in the fireproof dish and light the candles.  Sprinkle it liberally   , with “Astral Travel powder” ( Dion’s  Fortune formula, favorable for incense, given    previously in the text )   Raise the dish in the air,  above the candles and say:

 Released be thy from Earthen tie
Come to me, across the sky, 
Over the land and over the sea
I conjure You here, come to me
For one night only , Your flesh thy shed
When restfully placed in thy bed ,
Leave Your flash, and fly to me,
Like a bird I set You free
And with the rise of morning Sun
Return to flesh, with harm to none!”

( excuse the rhyme I got bit carried away lol , You can always come up with your own words )

 Place the dish back on the table, between the candles , and lay Your hand over the doll. Repeat the words.
Now pour some Cologne in the bowl , just enough to soak the doll baby halfway through,  then say:

I burn not Your body, I wish You no ill, I  simply call You to my side. Let Your Astral body  be free , light and swift and come and meet me here. And as this doll baby will be gone with the fire , so shall You be released of this spell with the  rays of morning light
Then light a match, and  release it into fireproof dish. As the contents burn, repeat the given words once again. When the flames are extinguished , and the vessel  ( bowl, censer )  had cool off, take any remaining material and place it in  a  pouch bag, alongside with the name paper of the party, Your name ,place of meeting ( astral plane, physical plane and where exactly , “dream-world”  etc. )   and a small lodestone. Place it bellow Your pillow.   Anoint Your forehead, pulse spots, and back of the neck with “Astral projection oil”.

If the spell had worked, release all the contents ( You can keep the lodestone , but make sure to cleanse it )  into a stream or river, in the morning.

 Astral Travel spell/ritual**

On one side of the petitioners paper, write Your name seven times, on  the other draw the  Rolor square. Place   atop  it,  a purple, or white offertory candle,  dressed with “Astral projection oil” a nd sprinkled/dusted  with “Astral travel powder” , or at least some mixed Cinnamon and Mugwort .
Dress Your forehead with the oil as well, and sprinkle but a small pinch  of the powder on Your pillow.
Read Psalm 23rd and then  91st , for protection, but also because of   the  auspicious verses :

For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. [4]

Which could  be  seen as   petition  to  Angelic beings, so they would   help one to  “raise” above their own body, safely , with their help.

Then say the following words:

I ask You spirits,  to  aid me in my attempts of astral projection,  lend me Your guiding hand and be by my  side. Help me ascend and be safe. BENATIR, CARARKAU , DEDOS,  ETINARMI ! So mote it be!”  3X
Once again read the psalms. Place some crystal that is used to aid  astral projection bellow the pillow, and go to sleep.
This may take a few attempts, so do not get  discouraged  so easily.

Crystals that aid in astral projection , and protect the body***

I’ve chosen,  here,  a couple of  stones that embrace more than simple  power  of   assisting in astral projection. I focused on those stones, that while helping astral travels , may also be used to shield the  physical body during the travel, and few of them also help ( safely ) grounding the astral body, once done with travel

Hawks eye –  is a  very good aid in Astral traveling, and is a great protective talisman  during astral travel
Sodalite – boosts any spiritual abilities and workings, while providing   protection against negative spiritual influences

Apophylite -  strengthens the connection astral body  - physical body [5] and facilitates transfer of information  into astral body. Aids Astral projecting.

Ametrine – to me it’s a par excellence astral projection stone, for it helps astral traveling g greatly while simultaneously ( and constantly ) weakening any spiritual  attack         
Lapis Lazouli – Eases any type of spiritual jorney ,  deflects the spiritual attack

Rutiliated  quartz – Induces  and eases Astral projection , good all – around protective stone
Angelite – Enables out of body experiences, protects the body from   all sort of harmful spiritual influences ,  and for that can be even taken in form of an elixir  ( stone essence )

Kunzite and Moldavite – are widely known as stones that will facilitate Astral projection and make the experience less traumatic and more safe

Amethyst – helps Astral projection, protects and help heal any possible physical trauma,  while keeping the mind calm and focused
Double pointed ( double termination ) Quartz or Quartz with black tourmaline – helps better direction, focus, facilitates astral projections and repels negative influences. Also is great aid in grounding the  astral body into physical.

Tunnelite – is another crystal that  offers minor help in astral projecting, but greatly strengthens the Astral cord

Alexandrite – Very good for inducing any kind of altered state of consciousness, particularly astral projection, and was often worn as protective talisman. Strenghtens one’s spiritual power  and potential
Hope You find this useful, have a blessed say
Shadow :)
NOTES: This article was written and  composed by myself, therefore If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere, feel free but add the credits : Shadow of Shadow’s magick place, or a direct link to this post.
[2] Formula from : “The Complete Book of incense, oils and brews” by  late Sir Cunningham, Scott
[3]   Formula retrieved from  work of Judika Illes
[5] Judy Hall, “Crystal Bible”
* If You are to use the  formula as an incense , burnt on charcoal, I see no reason for finely powdering it, least You prefer sharper and  briefly lasting smell
** Written/composed  by myself, If You try it, I’d appreciate any feedback, which You can either post here as a reply or send on with “spell feedback” in the subject. Thanks
***I composed the list by cross-referencing various sources on Crystal magic, such as various books on crystals by   Judy Hall, Gerina Dunwich’s “Gemstone sorcery”  , as well as “Encylopeida of Crystal, Gem and Metal magick” by Sir Cunningham Scott. Which means, If You desire to post it elsewhere online, You know the drill, add credits !
IMAGE CREDITS: The first image, depicting a  girl , flying on a broom is by Aleph Joseph Penot , called Departure pour  le sabbat , and is  from , used here for illustrative purposes without any ill will. The magickal square and Voodoo doll art  are my own scribbles, done using Microsoft word

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