Jan 23, 2012

Archangel's root in Hoodoo and herbal magick

Angelica Archangelica, commonly called Holy Ghost, or Holy Ghost root in Hoodoo, is a species of plant form formerly known as Umbeliferae family, now called Apiaceae.

It’s a tall plant that can grow more than six feet ( 2m ), with leaflets formed of numerous minute leafs, arranged in three main lobes, which the divide on three lesser ones and so on. Leaflets are slightly toot edged, or serrated sometimes. Flowers are multiple, grouped in large globular umbels or cluster, as typical for the Apiaceae family. The plant flourishes in July, with a lot of greenish and yellowish flowers, that bear very pale yellow, and oblong fruits . It’s mesophytic normally and skyophitic , so it can usually be found in shade near water deposits of all kind.

In Hoodoo ( and most of other systems ) we use Angelica Archangelica / officinalis ( syn ) as magickal plant most often root which is also called Root of Holy Ghost or Angel/Archangel root. It’s correspondent to Sun and Fire, making it logical to conclude use of in all sort of Apotropaic work, but also celestial contact work. It is alos used in Hoodoo in peaceful home work , for which often combined with Lavender, Rosemary, Motherwort and such, and carried in conjure hands dressed with suiting oil.

In powdered form, it’s frequently ingredient of Healing and Blessing mixtures [1] though as such Is commonly found in “Fiery wall of protection” powder or gree gree of similar use.

People use it in mixtures to bless children and/or adults and items and here is one such combination suitable both for use in oil and conjure hand

• Angelica root
• Flax seeds
• Rose hips
• Caraway seeds
• OPTIONAL : Styrax

They can be often found in healing unnatural diseases conjure hands, that tend to be sewn in mattresses of the sick or in infusions that are to be sprinkled on their bedposts, room , or even to be used in baths. Example of good Mojo to fight long standing , chronic or unnatural diseases as I would compose it may look something
like this

• Angelica root
• Strain of hair of the Patient
• Small Crucifix blessed in Church , best If wooden
• Boneset
• Wood Betony
• Sampson Snake root
• Goldenseal root thread

Optional, possible additions ( not exclusive list ) may be Master of The Woods, Camphor ( especially if mental condition is treated, in which case Mint could be added ), Cascarilla and Saint images or Medallions. Mojo can be dressed with variety of oils, including Run D***l Run , Blessing oil, even Psychic vision and of course Healing oil and Cast off evil oil. Plain Whiskey and Florida water will do as well.

All sort of powders congaing Angelica root powder are used as Peaceful home powdr or Blessing home powder such as following example as paraphrased from work of famous Hoodoo authority:
Mix Angelica with Peaceful Home powder, and Sea salt to purify house> Sprinkle in four corners inside and in center of the room/house inside , and four corners outside. [1]

Angelica roots are often hung together ( tied with string or yarn ) with De*il shoestrings or alike plants, or even chicken bones painted black or whitened to make powerful “ward of evil” hang-chimes or Ju Ju. Such unique “door guardians” can be commonly seen in New Orleans and are said to prevent evil from entering , much like red brick lines, that are often used together, as complementary methods of protection, or rather protective limitations :)

Mexican curanderos use Angelica to cure so called “susto” which I have mentioned writing on dream sorcery before on here

It is reputed to be a very powerful hex-breaking *[3] and Uncrossing agent, also powerful in repeling malicious spirits , and invoking Angelic help. It’s common ingredient in Angel related oils , one example I have given here : http://shadowsmagickplace.blogspot.com/2011/12/condition-and-spiritual-oils.html

Other formulas for oils using Angelica root can be found in my post on St Michale the Archangel, an d in following Scribd document http://www.scribd.com/Shadow3333333/d/58939249-Ars-olei-TEST-VERSION

And here is a powder I made and use for purposes of sprinkling and uncrossing places , items and humans. I suggested two versions

Red killer powder

• Red Brick Dust powdered
• Angelic root powdered

For annulling conjurations You find disagreeabl e with You, killing power of witchcraft or laying over powders and gree gree’s lain to harm You, to render those harmless.

Uncrossing salt #2

• Blessed Salt
• Black Pepper
• Mint
• Angelica root
• Chamomile
• Basil
I also like to

dust Angelica on my Blessing candles, as given in example on Candle magick spells in post on Candle magick.
Seems like Angelica has versatile uses, and association with Light ( Sun and Fire ) Angelic, and positive magickal workings, making it very favorite of many Spiritual workers. Could be included, in upcoming Imboloc ceremonies.
In Medieval lore it was even said to dispel lustful thoughts , even protect from Black death, bites of venomous and rabid animals and variety of illnesses [4]

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, so If You’d like to use any part of it eslwhere , add credit s , Shadow of Shadow’s magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
[1] As stated on
http://www.luckymojo.com/angelica.html by Yronwode, Catherine
[2] Suggested in “Hoodoo herb and root magick” , entry on Angelica, Yronwode, Catherine
[3] Cunningham, Scott, “Encyclopedia of magic(k) herbs”
[4] according to “Herbal magick , a witches guide to Herbal Enchantments folklore and divination” by Dunwich Gerina
IMAGE CREDITS: Image is Angelica’s common botanical illustration of ( Garden ) Angelica , used here for illustrative as well as educational purposes as found on

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