Jul 8, 2011

Reicpes and Formulas : Infusions and philtre type potions

While I was “digging” through my personal library the other night, a book that I have rarely had chance to read, hit me in the head. Well, to be honest quite a few felt on me, but this one seemed to have targeted the head lol

It was a print of a rare magickal text called “Ars Philtron” by amazing, intelligent and very interesting occultist Dr Schulke. After skimming briefly, I felt the need to write down few outburst ideas about recipes for potions, in form of infusions or as “old mages” called them philtre. Now this is a misnomer really , as philtre as a term for potion became popular in middle ages, when the two most common type of potions vere death and love potions/waters , that were most often nothing more than aphrodisiac drinks and poisons, though made in a manner that would confuse even the modern day organic chemist, or pharmacist. Nevertheless, their effect was astonishing and was considered act of magick.

Still the name evokes nice ancient/old/vintage or even gothic magick - style sceneries in mind, hence is often used in occult community. Anyhow, it has been awhile, since I have shared some recipes, raw , without any particular topic assigned to them ( recipes and formulas label section ) so I decided to share these :

Sanctuary potion

This potion is meant to be used indoors, or to be more precise in Your home, or dwellings or even just Your room. Formula is indented for that “special” place of Yours, should it, at certain point, become disturbed by vicious spirits, be them mere ghosts or even demons, or bad energies and vibrations. So the formula will restore the sanctity and peace of the place by driving everything that is bad out and invoking luck ( hence the White Heather and Rosemary ) and good energies to take its place.

· St John’s wort, best If plucked on a sunny midday

· Rosemary branches, very small three of those

· Cayenne pepper, one whole, to move out, send away evil

· Basil, a nice sprig

· White heather ( Calluna vulgaris, Erica arborea )

· Blessed salt in a small pinch

· Sprig water or blessed tap water as a base

· OPTIONAL : Spoon of Holly water into colleen ,strained potion

Keep water in vessel until it nearly boils, then add herb by herb, preferably whispering to each ingredient what You want it to do, and praising it’s G’d given powers. Bring it to boil and stir steadily for seven or thirteen heartbeats. Then remove from heat, and dye the potion with some blue dye, be it laundry blue, indigo or common blue food dye. Cover and let it sit from 30mins, if You are in a hurry , or best for 3 hours. Strain, and If You have add a spoon of Holy water, Water of Notre damme, Marie Leveaux peace water or Sun infused water even. Stir once again, bless, bottle and it’s ready to use.

Such potion is brilliant to be used as floorwash, or If You find Your “sacred place” suddenly and heavily disturbed and You feel that You have to act instantaneously, pour it in small, fragile bottles ( 20-30ml,very thin glass ) and toss them on the floor of the affected place, shouting some exorcism incantation, prayer or alike words of power ( for example latin phrase: Extra domus ! which translates to Out of home ! ), after which You are normally to clean the floor, and place remainings somewhere in Your own yard, or on a bottom of a plant pot.

Regarding the quantities, I myself am not a strict follower of quantities, in magickal herbalism, as it’s not apothecary, as long as You use herbs safe to ingest or use externally. And if You use toxic plants, hallucinogens and /or irritants, You’d better know Your pharmacopeia material, otherwise go learn and then come back and dabble with physiologically ( or better said biochemically ) dangerous plants .

Aquaeum Mantia

This formula comes from an enticing and original magickal text called “Ars Philtron” by Dr. Shulke , who is a member of Cultus sabatti. Among other, many of his formulas give a way scent of old, arhaic and slightly gothic formulas, focusing on green gnosis, power of minerals, magnetized and infused waters as well as bodily fluids. Concoctions of a true magickal value, as presented in old Grimoires such as texts of Paracelsus, or Clavicula solomonis, which with no difficulty suggested using of all sort of materials besides botanicals, many of which toaday would be probably be illegal to attain and use J

The formula I chose to host and present here ( for educative and purposes of discussion and review only ) is all herbs J a nice, common, yet powerful infusion, drunk prior mantic work or divinations and scrying or even visions and dreams inducing. The author suggests combining:

· Petals of red rose, fresh and slightly bruised , 30g

· Borage fresh leaves and flowers 18g

· Chamomile 18g

· Mugwort 5 leaves

The author further suggests dipping ( infusing ) herbs ( all but rose petals ) in a liter of boiling water and covering and letting them steep for 2 hours, after which the Rose petals are added, and the infusion is left for another hour covered , then strained and drunk “on a empty stomach” prior to oracular work or divination.

To me personally seems as decent formula, based on herbs that strengthen second sight and ESP, such as Mugwort, and those that inspire, animate and uplift spirit, so it can ascend from bounding of the fable flesh ( Borage ) as well as those that illuminate ( Chamomile ) , with the traditional Clairvoynace formulas ingredients and a blessing agent in form of Rose petals.

Possible additions, for sake of “personal touch” may be in from of Lunar infused honey or a pinch of cinnamon or few Poppy petals, maybe a Yarrow flower head, but the above formula is more than sufficient and brilliant as it is, these may, as I said, be merely additions to personalize formula or improve taste.

Aquaeum Vocis Spiriti

This is my personal formula, for a quick potion that repels evil spirits, especially those that might appear at night, to torment sleepers mind and body. It can be aspersed lightly over the room or drunk to provide strength, cleanse the affected mind and ward spiritual attacks. It’s based on herbs reputed to repel evil, throughout various cultures and for centuries. Furtehrmore, some of those ingredients have a strong reputation and Mind clearing agents and magickal peace bringers, such as Basil or Mint, while Vervain is long associated with exorcism, longlivity and wisdom and allegedly ingredient of “Cedriween’s brew” , which according to lore, in just few sips may reveal all sort of magical secrets and instill vast magickal knowledge to one that drinks some

· Vervain , teaspoon

* Mint, in half a teaspoon

· Rue, in a good pinch

· Basil in a teaspoon

· 2-3dl of water, sprig or Blessed ( 7-10 fl oz’s app. )

Bring the water to boil and pour over the botanicals, then stir three times, cover and leave to sit for some good hour or more. Strain, and If sweetening, sweeten with Solar-infused honey, or Linden honey . Bless with soothing prayer or incantation, and asperse or drink prior to bedtime, or even in case of sudden awakening by some nasty spirit.

Due to containing Rue and Basil it may come handy as addition in anti evil eye baths.

NOTES: The first and the third formua/s were composed ( written ) by myself, while the second formula "Aquaeum Mantia" can be found, in original, unedited form in text "Ars Philtron" by Dr Shulke, and it was posted here for sole purposes of education and discussion of the formula , with NO ILL WILL intended, ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR. If You wish to use my own formulas elswhere online , feel free but do add credits : Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post. Should You wish to use them in some printed media, send me an e-mail, so I can see if I can allow You to. The first image shows the painting "The love potion" by Evelyn Morgan and is from www.wikipedia.com, used here for ILLUSTRATIVE purposes only. The second is a photo of Calluna vulgaris, edited by myself.

Abundance of Blessings ,from Shadow to You :)

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