Jul 20, 2011

Conjure the beautiful You

showing section ( head )from "Birth of Venus "
by Botticelli, Venus with impeculate tan,
 amazing face features and golden radiant hair
shows part of ceiling art from
 Sistine's chapeln by great master
Michelangelo, showing beautiful naked Young man,
with a haircut that set's him before his time,
 regarding hair styling I'd say lol

These two images are example of depiction of  idealized Beauty in art(work)
Many other examples of beauty, made eternal in arts ( some slightly too explicite to be hosted here ) include Goya's "La Maya nuda " and "La Maja vestida " , than perhaps Gustave Corbert's "Sleep" , the famous "Discobolus" even "Death of San Sebastian" or perhaps some of many depiction of tahitian ( women ) by Paul Gaugain

A neglected topic in occultism, even in the modern practical magick , is beauty magick. Internet provides little, and honestly, most of that “little” is either junk or some bad glamour. And host of popular eye-changing spells, and most of them are but poor attempt to mimic glamour spell from certain witchcraft movie, with which most of us are quite familiar with . Now, while beauty spells and glamour are naturally connected and often intertwine, the clear difference exists. Glamour is magickal ( not magical ea scene magic ) illusionism, and encompasses all magickal acts ( spells, rituals, incantations etc . ) designed to make something appear different, invisible or otherwise altered, be it living being or object, or even just space. More often than not,  glamour spells are of very short “life span” . Therefore, it’s a very wide category, with beauty spells, of some kind, as one of it’s subcategories.An  actual beauty spell is designed to create a real, if needed be, physical, toften permanent,  change of human appearance, and is strictly targeted and very practical. Old ( or to say ancient ) wizards, despite having the most powerful charms and spells for beauty ( at least that is what occult community generality believes, and  what many esotery expert s agree ) would find such spells reserved “just for clients”, those vain and of profane ( not to use shallow ) mind.

Well, let me say that they would not think so If they lived in today’s world. Today, everything revolves around beautiful people, and anything less than near perfection ( in terms of morphologic beauty concept ) is ugly, and consequently, discarded due to being unworthy. Many might argue this statement, but let’s be honest and practical, beautiful people do not need particular effort to find or maintain some good  job, heck, they might hardly even need degree.
The SAD TRUTH is that we live in community that is decadent in virtues and has a tendency in progressive downfall in same. Meaning , If You are spiritually and mentally aware enough to see behind physical appearance, most of other people , and “accidentally” those who’s opinion maters, are not.
Well not to ramble any longer on that, those are some reasons that inspired me to write this article, as I consider the topic needs some refreshing information, from eclectic perspective. Besides I did , as I am sure I’ve mentioned before, indented this blog to deal with practical information ;)

Hoodoo and Conjure

It’s only expected that Hoodoo does not pack that much of a punch in beauty spells, knowing it’s historical background. Seduction and love attraction, money-love attraction and love dominations, seem to have been  more important and practical for slave people, who had more practical needs than modeling :D Nevertheless Hoddoo still provides some immensely powerful procedures to help increase the physical beauty and show the hidden, inner beauty, that mysterious glamour that makes people liked and pretty even if their facial or other antropo-morphological measurements do not follow beauty “codex” of measurements.

So we have brands such as “Seduction”, “Look me over” , “Glamour” etc. Herbs used in Hoodoo to “become” beautiful include ( but most likely are not limited on )
- Rosemary , often soaked in water and then used to wash the face, to make one more beautiful [1]
- Lemon balm , to cut ties with all the bad and provide Youthful, healthy and fresh look, especially when, worn out or stressed out look appears . Mostly used in form of bath ( body wash ) or infusion
- Solomon’s seal root – for beauty and wisdom of King Solomon , carried as charm, in conjure bags or used in incenses and baths
- Goldenseal root threads - used by those that seek physical beauty and pretty appeararance
- St John TC root – for masculine beauty
- Angelica root and Orris root – for feminine or sage-like beauty
- Rose – Red and pink are usually used by female, while white and yellow inspire , that look, of nice, slightly smug, appealing gentleman
Additional, and useful botanicals may include neroli essential oil or Bergamot essential oil, or Jasmine and/or Vanilla if female ( to “sweeten up” the looks )

Hoodoo beauty jar spell

Write the attributes You wish to draw, or changes You wish to make, or simply “beauty” , “good looks”, whatever inspires sense of good looking and appealing appearance to You, and place it inside a jar, place a fed lodestone on it, then add pinch of brown sugar, some Rose hips, few branches of Rosemary, small piece of Solomon’s seal root, pinch of Goldenseal root threads, and cover with lid. You may wish to add some personal concern of Your , such as hair or nail clippings . Atop the jar, place a purple candle that is scented with Bergamot and Lavender essential oil ( diluted in base oil ) or some Florida water. Light the candle, and say something along the lines ( I composed this simple prayer,
You can use Your own words of power ) :

“Lord , we ask You humbly, bless us with beauty as outwards so inwards. Let our heart be pure and pretty to You, and let our appearances be pretty to other human. Make us as trees planted near streams, those that do not wither . And like the lilies of the field, may the beauty of the righteous always grow Lord, so that when those that judge us by physical , look at us, see the Glory of Your Creations, in our hearts and in sight of us. And to us give heart free of vain, one that radiate beauty from within, and we’ll always praise You, Oh Lord !”
Then this Psalm139th line 14th
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well !

Conjure bag for beauty

In a pretty,  purple, or white mojo bag add the following ingredients :
• Solomon’s seal root piece
• Goldenseal root threads
• Rosemary branch
• Tumbled Quartz or a piece of Petrified wood, or piece of Snake skin sheds ( either of three )
• And First pentacle of Mercury

Dress with some Florida water, or Orange hydrosol, or few drops of “Look me over” or “Glamour oil” or “Enchantment oil”, blow three times on mojo, close I, bless , and carry on Your behalf, whenever You wish to look good.
Female practitioners might add Erzule Freda’s Veve too, and Amber makes a good addition for males and females on this mojo.

Doll baby spell for beauty

With the bare mention of doll babie and/or poppet, most people will get associations of Voodoo, but this particular spell I wrote, is however, quite undefined in terms of tradition, and might be seen as simple folk witchcraft spell, and obviously could be adopted and used by Voodooists as well
Under a New Moon create the doll or poppet, out of some sweet cookie like dough, and to the batch add Rosemary and Rose petals . Scent it with few drops of Lemon balm tincture,  or use Lemon balm tea instead of the water   in/for  the batch. When the batch is ready, light a white, orange and purple candle and place the dough between them. Then shape the poppet, picturing Yourself pretty and beautiful. Bless the poppet and sprinkle it with some Florida water. Let the candles extinguish themselves out.
Place it at a bottom of plant pot, or in a hole You’ve dug up in Your garden ( or in some forest , bellow some nice long-lasting tree ) . Plant some nice, pretty looking plant over it, and as You are buring it say :

The cookie may turn to dust,
The dolly may wither,
But my beauty will last,
And with Moon shall grow better
Nature spirits hear my plea, as I wish
So mote it be !

If You can, for each day until the Full Moon water the plant, under that poppet is planted.

There, those were some spells as I  wrote/composed  them, and as You can probably notice, my love towards   folk magick is prevalent in those. Here is another spell, indented to be used by European witches and perhaps Wicca as well , and a few nice formulas

Witchcraft spell for beauty

On a night of Full Moon, place a bowl of spring water on Your altar, between two green tapper candles .If possible, set it so it reflects Moon on the sky. Now place some Maidenhair fern, Rosemary , Rose petals, Lemon balm and a Green opal stone in the bowl with water. Light the candles , and stir the water with Your fingers, few times chanting :

Blessed may this essence be, Precious beauty bring to me, Moonlight and spirits converse together, make my face and figure prettier !

Then let it stay awhile while You think about beauty and how You wish to look, while watching Your reflection in the water. Finally , wash Your face and sprinkle You body thrice with the water saying :

Pulchritudo capiam , et pulcher ( man ) / pulchra ( women ) fiam ! 3x

Use the remaining water in bath, or pour in Your Yard, and save opal to keep it as beauty charm.
Other stones that are reputed to bring beauty to the wearer include : Cat’s eye, Amber, Jasper, Opal, Orange Zircone [2] and Jade and Clear and Rainbow Quartz.

Winter Queen water :)

This fairly simple formula evokes old fairy- tale scents of cinnamon and apple cakes, nearside fireplace with snowing out, at winter don’t You think ? And is fairly simple , all You need is :
• Melted first snow, or first icicle
• Holly leaves
Make it into infusion and use to wash face for beautiful tan, and enticing , charming appearance, pale and mysterious [3]

Hungary water

It’s an old European cologne like recipe, form late 13th early 14th century, allegedly given to Hungary queen by certain Monk or according to some sources Alchemist. Either way, it’s used to restore and retain beauty and youthfulness , and as the legend says Queen Isabella or Saint Elisbateh of Hungary ( different source attribute it to different queen ) thanks to the water looked as If she was 30, when she was 70
The recipes are as debatable and mysterious as the history of the very cologne, but the oldest surviving recipes claimed how certain fresh herbs and spicesw should be soaked in brandy, or in vinegar/ Herbs that appear in most recipes I’ve been able to find are:
• Rosemary
• Lemon Balm
• Thyme
• Lavender
• Mint
• Sage
• Lemon
• Orange flowers
• Basil and
• Marjoram
So experiment  You could of course use essential oils in ethanol ( 70% ) and distilled water ( 30% )

Finally, let’s mention a few tricks that are originated from Balkan penniuslla folk magick, simple but very effective

Face of sparks and hair of Sun

In Balkan cunning folk advise Young female to wash their face with water in which they have boiled Nettle , collected when the Sun is rising, in the dawning of the new day, as it will make their face appear bright, and “sparkling” so to enchant men and wards off any unwanted competition. Thought the infusion must be enchanted, with the cunning rime

I washed my face with Stinging nettle
Other’s beauty compared to mine will be fable !

Young lads that collect the Nettle in same manner, will make a ring or a loop out of it, and place it in their right pocket to induce desire in girl/s

An old cunning women once taught me that to make one’s hair and face shine like “from the other world” , one must make infusion of onions peels and wash their head with it. It’s supposed to draw the inner beauty of the spirit out, and “make the soul’s crown shins brighter” , as the old women told me. Now I must comment, that this is very surprising, that she would say that, as old Balkan folk in rural place, though keepers of many old secrets, were not familiar with chakras, and this infusion could technically “boost” crown chakra’s work.
I’d say ( additionally ) why not combine the two tricks :D
There are specific times of year when Balkan folk would perform rituals to ensure beauty. Despite not having Solomonic day/hour – planetary correspondences, time in magick, certain days or Moon phase in particular have essential role in many magick spells of Balkan folk witchcraft. To illustrate this here is a quote from text I am working on :

On the religious ( Christian ) holiday of Palm Sunday ( that falls on Sunday before Easter according to Orthodox Gregorian calendar ) , or better yet in even ( as night ) before it, water is collected in larger container ( any, even tap water will do just fine ) and placed outside, preferably under a flowering tree. Flowers of Lilac, Roses, and Fruit blossoms ( often used Cherry, Orange, Plum or Peach blossom but it does not really matters which blossom , of which tree/fruit ) along with Rosemary twigs and Lemon balm , are placed in this water , freshly plucked, to represent health and beauty. They are left outside over night, and In the morning, as the Sun rises the container is taken into house ( meaning on the morning of the Palm Sunday ) and all house members, that would like, wash their face and sprinkle their body with this water, making sign of Cross and saying : “In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit” , and leaving the water to air dry. This is said to ensure beauty and to make ageing insignificant and almost unnoticeable if preformed regularly each year. For children, which are highly suggested to take participation in this ritual, it ensures growing into beautiful and healthy Young man and women.

NOTES: This article was written and composed by me, and I have written all the formulas except the Winter Queen water ( check credits bellow ), therefore If You wish to use it elsewhere, You must provide credits Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
CREDITS : [1] Suggested to be used in such manner by Catherine Yronwode in her book “Hoodoo herb and root magick” [2] Five crystals, first five mentioned are suggestions by Cunningham, Scoot from his “Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal magick” [3] recipe for Winter or Snow Queen water can be found in Judika Illes’s “Encyclopedia of 5000 spells” in original form, as it was edited by me in this post , and ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR, I posted it here with no ill will, as a sample, for educational and review/discussion purposes , then, image first, and second show idealized examples of beauty in art, the two here being sections of “Birth of Venus” by Renaissance master Boticelli, here showing head of Venus and Naked man from Sixtine chapel’s ceiling showing naked man, of course by Michelangelo, picture three shows botanical illustration of goldenseal root and it was in public domain, I edited it for posting here , The first two images came from www.wikipedia.com and are used here merely for illustrative and explanatory purposes, without ill will or any bad intentions

Hope You find this interesting, but before all helpful as that's the reason I wrote the article in firstplace
Lots of love and light, Be Blessed, Shadow


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