Jan 26, 2016

Hoodoo tricks for bad neighbors

     In an ideal world, we could all get along. At least enough to live peacefully with one another in the same area. But alas, this world has been almost the exact opposite of the ideal, lately, and all the global issues have caused people to be even more selfish, belligerent and intolerant. "Love thy neighbor" indeed, so rather than starting a war with them, if they are super nasty, try some magickal "diplomacy" instead. 

     Someone asked me, about advice on how to deal with a nasty neighbor, that’s attacking them spiritually. Instead of answering directly, I thought I’d write a little something about it instead, and expand the topic to bad neighbors in general. Even If your neighbors do not practice magick, they can be equally, or oftentimes; even more obnoxious, malicious, petty and plainly irritating.

     Hoodoo, as a practical system of magick, or “spiritual work” rather, is opulent in terms of methods of dealing away with nasty people, that live near You, work with You etc.

     Even though the Hoodoo, as a system of magick, does not   “officially” observe magickal timing, as practiced in ceremonial/higher magick, many rootworkers have adopted the practice of doing spiritual work  in accordance to magickal correspondences of days and hours of the week and similar, when possible. In this particular case, any work intended to banish nasty neighbors, repel them or protect from them should be done on Tuesday or Saturday, preferably during the hour of Mars. If You are like myself, and like to preform spiritual work and magick in accordance to Moon phases, this type of work should be done during the waning  phase of the Moon, “dark of the Moon”, or ( in case of protection for example, If You just aim to protect yourself and Your household ) on a Full Moon’s night.

     So here are some Hoodoo tricks and works, that are done to keep bad neighbors away, or make them move, or run away.

Mind your own business charm

    Place “Mind Your own business” ( Soleirolia soleirolii ) plant on some windowsill in your house, or close to a window. Alternatively, you can place it in your yard too, or on your front porch

Soleirolia soleirolii

    Back this up, by hanging a pouch filled with Elder (berries, or flowers, or dry herb) on each of the doors leading into your home, or on your front and back doors.

    Place a new, unused, kitchen knife, with a black handle, underneath your doormat, as you say: “Stay away from my home N.N. in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Amen!” three times.
    This should keep the person away, and prevent them from bothering you.

Disarm your enemy

     If you don’t wish to drive away, or make a bad neighbor move, but rather, make sure that they are powerless against You, here’s a quick and easy trick.

     Inscribe a black candle with their name using a pin, and tie a black yarn around it. Dress it with “victory over evil” oil or alternatively “Essence of bend over” or “Master root” oil. Roll the dressed candle in Epsom salts, just enough to cover it lightly. Place the candle on a small tray or saucer ( like a tea cup, or coffee cup saucer ), and burn it on Your toilet tank ( or in a bathtub ) for nine nights a bit, as You declare that the N.N. cannot harm You, and is powerless against You. Some people would even curse the person during such ritual and use offensive words. If You are of such “temperament” , go ahead and add a few curse words.  On the 9th day let the candle burn all the way down, and carry the remaining material to some crossroads in silence, or flush it down the toilet. I myself would at all opt for the crossroads option, if anyhow possible, or even burying the remaining material in the person's yard. It is done. 

Hoodoo tricks to prevent a person from coming back or entering the home

    Originally, these Hoodoo tricks, were used to prevent nasty people, or witches who wanted to harm you and your family; from coming back to your house. Which means, for this to work, the person must visit you at least once. But they need not to do it by their own choice, you can still invite them, that one time.   

1.       If the troublesome neighbor, is also a practitioner, or suspected to be so, let them come and visit you once. When they leave, throw a handful of table salt behind them and say 3x : “In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, do not come back here anymore” . This is both a “diagnostic” measure and a warding, for if the person is really a witch, that’s intent on harming you magically, they will not be able to come back across the “salted” path. [1] Against unwanted guests, it’s said that it’s enough to throw a handful of salt mixed with Sulphur behind them in a similar fashion.
2.       If the troublesome neighbor, may not be a witch, but you don’t want them to come back anymore to your home, or yard, regardless, have them come over once, like explained in the previous method. Once they leave, sprinkle some salt around the chair they were sitting on, some more salt on the very chair, and some in front of your doorstep. Then sweep it all with a broom, sweeping away from you, towards the entrance doors. Once at the main doors sweep the salt outdoor, and then sweep it away with the salt you’ve sprinkled on your doorstep. If You are close to the main street, keep sweeping until the salt is swept to the street, If not contain the swept salt in a tray and carry it to the street or the crossroads. Once there, pour the salt on the street, or crossroads cursing the person’s name and commanding them to never ever come back to Your house. [2]
3.       To prevent all kind of nasty, ill-intended people from entering your home; you can do a trusted, powerful Red brick line Hoodoo trick. Pulverize some Red Brick, and some morning, preferably on Saturday, wash Your home floors with floorwash made with Salt, Saltpeter and your own first urine of the day [3] , doing this in complete silence. Once done, lay a line of pulverized red brick on your main door’s doorstep, and also in front of your gate, if you have it in your yard. This will prevent ill-intentioned people from stepping into your yard or home.
4.       To keep your enemies out of your house, put a tablespoonful of vinegar and a tablespoonsful of sulphur in a little can and keep that in the house, and they will never bother you” [4]

Move away and get away Hoodoo works

     There are plethora of tricks root doctors use to make the nasty people move away or get away. And this kind of spiritual work literarily does that, makes people move away from their house, leave the neighborhood, or keep clear from you at all times.  These are more on the “aggressive” side of the spectrum of spiritual work, but cannot really be considered crossing or hexing/cursing, and sometimes are necessity.

     Think of it this way, yes, you will be forcing someone, potentially against their will to leave, but then again you could do this legally as well, with mundane methods.  This way the person will even have more options, and often will even find a more appropriate place for themselves to live. So it can end up being a win – win situation.

     Hoodoo works that aim to accomplish this often employ powders, or jars and bottle spells, sometimes also eggs and laying tricks. For the really nasty people, there are jar and bottle spells which can force them to leave, and I’ve provided an example,  in another post dealing with contained jar and bottle Hoodoo   spells before.  These type of jars and/or bottles are often prepared with Vinegar or Four Thieves vinegars, or hot sauce, or Red Hot Chili peppers, personal concerns of the target or name paper, and are thrown into a running water, or ebbing sea/ocean water.

     As a form of laying tricks, Hoodoo powders are prominently used, and laid in the neighbor’s yard, or their foot tracks, so that they will step over them. The powders which are used for such purposes are:
·         Get away
·         Lost and away
·         Run Dev*l run
·         Bon Voyage

     And sometimes, oddly enough “Hot foot powder”. The last, is though, more of a trend that comes from misinformation of the general practitioners of magick, who use Hoodoo formulas, without precise and clear knowledge on them. Hot foot powder, is more of a crossing and a banishing formula, rather than a formula which is supposed to move someone away from you.

     As a form of “Get away”, or even “Run Dev*l run” sprinkle ( powder ) one can mix Epsom Salts ( teaspoon ), table salt ( a cup ) and some Red peppers [4] I’ve personally found this mixture to be extremely effective for both warding off, and moving away enemies, and negative energy and crossings.

As for the “Lost and away” powder… there is a recipe circulating the internet, which is as follows:

·      *  Graveyard dirt
·      *   Mistletoe dried leaves
·      *  Sulphur
·      *   Orris root
·      *   Sage
All equal parts, pulverized.  [5]

     I don’t know the origins of this particular recipe ( I wish I did ), but it’s quite good. It contains the ingredients that could, in fact, make someone move away.

     More “traditional” Hoodoo “Lost and away powder” formulas, though, will have ingredients  like Dirt Dauber’s nest, and maybe Epsom salts too, as well as almost inevitably Red peppers, which are one of the best choices among the botanical agents to move people or things away, magickally.

     As for the “Bon Voyage formula”, it can be found in this interesting and informative  Examiner’s piece: “Clearing away obstacleswith road opening formulas”  , along with a plethora of other useful info and tips. 

    Deployment of any of these powders; is rather uniform. So, a person is to sprinkle them going backwards from the doorstep of neighbor’s home, blowing from his or hers hand, nine times. 

    Alternatively, one is simply instructed to sprinkle the mess on their neighbor’s front porch, or on their outward-facing footsteps, or down the sidewalk or street, where they will certainly step in it. Hence, a pretty much a standard way of “laying tricks” in Hoodoo magick. If one is to sprinkle the powders on person's doorstep, it may be in form of the letter "X" although this is more typical when a crossing of a kind is due. 

     There is also a curious little formula, with the 3 inch long bay laurel’s branch, which is ritually turned end-to-end specific number of times, starting from the person’s doorstep, towards the street and then tossed into a running water, to make the person move away.

    To conclude here are a few traditional, relatively easy, and powerful tricks used to make someone move away:

1.       Take some dirt from the person’s footprint, and mix it with  powdered dirt dauber’s nest, Epsom salts, and Red pepper. Place it all in a bottle, seal it tight, and throw in into a running water, on Midnight, some night during the wanning Moon phase.
2.       Likewise, in a bottle with 4 thieves’ vinegar, add a whole red pepper, and a personal concern of the neighbor that’s troubling You. Shake it well, calling their name three times, than command them: “In the Name of Father, Son and Holy  Spirt!”  to depart and throw into a running water, or seawater during an ebbing period.
3.       Get a black hen’s egg, perforate the shell, and dry out the contents. Then, add some Dirt dauber’s nest powder in it, write the name of the person You wish to move out on it, and then, in Midnight, smash the egg against the wall of the house where the person lives in to make them move out.

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself. If you wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free,  but add credits; Shadow of the Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post

[1] “Folk-lore from Adam’s county Illinois” Hyatt, adapted and paraphrased for use here
[2] As under [1] adapted, and paraphrased
[3] The ingredients for the protective floorwash are as suggested here: http://www.luckymojo.com/saltpeter.html  The floorwash might be enough on itself, to keep the negative people away from Your home, If applied more often.
[4] According to the: “Hoodoo Herb And Root Magic; A Materia Magica of African-American conjure” pg. 175  th by Catherine yronwode
[4] Retrieved from: http://www.luckymojo.com/protectionspells.html#keepwitchaway used here for   the educational  purposes without any ill will
[5] Retrieved from: https://magickwyrd.wordpress.com/how-to-topics/sprinkling-powder-potions/powder-potions-h-l/ for explanatory  & educational purpose here , without any ill will. Although, this particular formula can be found posted on  a lot of places online, always without credits, so it’s hard to determine the original source


The first image is from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/245164773435068465/ edited  digitally for use here by myself.  The second one is from the https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4032/4711610394_f2b5c860ba_b.jpg  
Both are used here for illustrative and explanatory purpose and without any ill will


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Hello , I had always coming here in your web page , 'cause it's too good .I'm from Brazil . I'm here to asking about a candle spell I found on google , I saved it, but I lost it, don't know how . Maybe you, that I think, are a experient person in spellcraft ,could help me to find it again .(I search with so many keywords and..nothing) . I just remember that it's a spell for enemy work , and it begins throwing cemetery dust in the front of person's home ,that it uses a skull candle ,and , if I'm remember right, it finishes on the crossroads ; it's a great work .I don't remember if was in a book that I found it..Could you help me pls?

Neville said...

Can I substitute the mud nest with paper wasp nests or does the spell only work with mud nests?