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Magick of the Moon

"I am the Moon with no light of my own,
You are the Sun guarding Your throne..."
Madonna, "Messiah"
Moon is the only Earth’s natural satellite, rotating  synchronously  with the Earth, and being the second most luminous object on our sky.  The Moon’s gravitational force  produces ocean/sea tides , as well as slight lengthening of the day. [1]

The Moon has no luminescence of it’s own, it reflects the Solar light actually, and it’s reflectance is assessed to be slightly higher than that of worn out asphalt.  It’s  400 000 km  ( or  nearly so, 378 000 km from Equator* )  away from Earth , and it takes proximately 28 days ( 27 days, 7 hours and some minutes ) for one revolution period, effects of which , we perceive as  Moon phases.

The Moon’s diameter is 1738.10 km [2] , and most of it’s surface is made of silica ( SiO2 , around 45% ), which is what Quartz and some other crystals are  made of.

Spiritual symbolism of the Moon
While the scientific data about the Moon is inarguably useful, and quite stunning,  this article is to deal with its more “subtle” or not-so-tangible qualities.  What  the Moon symbolizes, what is Moon’s energy useful for in magick and how does it affect  other  planes of existence.  

As a Cancerian ( Zodiac ) I have always been deeply connected and in-tune with the Moon, and would stare in it for hours sometimes, ever since I can remember.  It affects me in many different ways, from causing me to act like a lunatic, to bringing me serenity and clarity of mind in midst of overwhelming turmoil,  that life has a habit of serving me, occasionally.  I find it so comforting and grin-inducing to watch it’s pale, ghostly glow at night sometimes.  My life  energy oftentimes decreases and rises, with the Moon’s image on the nightly sky. And, from what I hear, most of us crabs ( again, zodiac lol ) are like that XD

While researching the information on Moon’s spiritual relevance for this article I’ve came across with such opulence of folkloric and religious information, that It would literarily take me pages of a book to fit them all. I tried to be as concise  and comprehensive as possible, and focus on really crucial or really interesting information. For the Moon “lore”, and symbolism,  appear to form part of all the cultures, traditions and belief systems of the world, more or less.

Moon is largely seen a feminine symbol, though not always. It symbolizes  unconscious, receptive mind, intuition, illusion, fantasy, and is often interpreted as ominous of such when it appears in dreams.  But it’s also in general a symbol of spirituality, lunacy, irrationality, imagination, impulsiveness, dreams, psychic powers, feminine, fertility , childbirth and renewal.  It’s these associations that act as leads and clues about the Moon magick, which is, among other , tied to fertility, psychicism and incubated dreaming.

Moon in religions

Moon holds an extremely important role in pagan ( polytheistic ) religions, but surprisingly also does in monotheistic religions.

In fact, in Ancient times, some pagans even identified Moon as deity itself, or equated lunar deities and the Moon , much like was the case with The Sun in Ancient Egypt.

In Hinduism, Moon is symbolically connected to rabbit. The moon deity, understood to inhabit the Moon itself, Chandra, is  often depicted holding a rabbit. Even the Hindu phrase for the Moon, “candrama”, can be understood/translated as “rabbit-like” , or “that resembles a rabbit/bunny” . Hindu culture and tradition also perceive Moon as place where the souls which have not been illuminated, and thus have not broken loose of the   reincarnation cycle, reside, waiting for their  next incarnation. [3] New Moon, and it’s semi lunar, arch shape , is also a symbol of Shiva and his transformation nature and powers  [4]

In a lot of old European polytheistic religions and cults, as well as in Neo Paganism , Moon is seen as “mother of all” , spawning all sort of life forms and feeding them  with  the multitude of its/her  breasts [5], a symbolism that had been often employed to depict the images of pagan lunar deities.

And so the Greek Artemis, or her Roman counterpart Diana, are  often shown with a lot of breasts, with animals emerging from their heads, limbs and chest.  Another Graeco-Roman Moon goddess would be Selena/Luna, which seen as a, sort of Moon embodiment, or kind of avatar.

Another Greek goddess, Sophia , is a lunar deity, and “embodiment” of wisdom. In Chinese mythology Chang’e, shares the similar qualities.  In Wicca , the goddess  is often reffered to as Lunar goddess, as  opposed to Solar or Horned god, and is associated with the feminine, mysteries, childbirth and other lunar concepts.

Greek Hecate, reflects the darker aspects of the Moon, and is sometimes even said to drive people lunatic/insane if provoked, or to mislead them, misguide with illusions etc.

And Moon indeed is not purely, and only, a feminine symbol. Many male pagan deities are associated with the Moon as well, like the Japanese Tsukuyomi ( lol Naruto, anyone ? J ) , Egyptian Iah and Toth, or Irish Eleatha,  and Latvian Menes. [6] They are all belived to originate, at least in the archetypical and conceptual sense, from the Sumerian deity Nanna.

We can, however notice, that Pagan deities associated with Moon, are also associated with the concepts of fertility, hunt, secret knowledge, wisdom and magick, among other things.


In monotheistic religions ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam ) , the Moon is not as much associated with the feminine,  as much it’s  representative of the Divine presence, virginity, chastity, purity and novelty and renewal, resurrection. 

We can see Crescent Moon and a star on the Turkish flag.  Originally , it  symbolically represented meeting  of the Turkish Solar female ( ! ) deity Gun Ana ( or “Mother Sun” ) and male ( ! )   Ay Ata ( Father Moon ). [7] With the arrival of Islam, the monotheistic religion , the Moon and the star gained  different symbolism, representing paradise and resurrection.  The Crescent Moon itself,  is important Islamic symbol of openness and concentration.  The letter “n” in Arabic  writing resembles Crescent Moon, with a dot above it, it’s a symbol of resurrection, and plays specific , important role in  the funerary rites   and prayers for the deceased. [8] Also it’s wise to note here,  that some consider the world “Allah” to come from the Al-Illah , a Moon god of the pre-Mohamedian Mecca’s Kabba [9] Indeed, in all sort of dictionaries, particularly occult dictionaries one of the explanations for  the word “Allah” is “Arabic Moon god”.

Christianity shares many concepts  and beliefs  about the Moon with  Judaism. The Bible speaks ( Genesis ) of G-d’s creation of Sun, Moon and Stars , and while not being specific  in describing how exactly had G-d created them, it does go into details to explain why. Which is more important anyhow, for the human mind is way too feeble  to comprehend G-d’s power  and nature of his acts. The Moon is there to rule over night, much like Sun is there to rule over day, to give signs,  to reflect the light of the Sun on the earth and so on;

14And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. 19 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day.” [10]


Bible also clearly notes that the Moon has no light of its own, much in a way like Church reflects the light of Christ, not emitting it’s own .

Also, Christians perceive Moon to be dangerous in its own right.  Bible speaks of lunacy, which is often understood to be a result of worshiping of the Moon in one or another way, consciously, with a specific aim or doing so, or even due to ignorance. And while the lunacy is clearly understood  to be a spiritual condition, it’s also believed to create a powerful physical consequences . Which are violence, aggression and irrationality mostly.  [11]  Today the world is oftentimes used  interchangeably with lunacy :


insanity; also : intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon “[12]


   News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures*, and the paralyzed; and he healed them. “ ( Mathew 4:24 NIV ) [13]


15 Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water” ( Mathew 17:15 KJV ) [14]

Finally,  Moon is set to mark the seasons and give prophetic omens, according to the Good  Book. While perhaps not readily evident, Moon indeed marks the seasons,  which we can attest  researching folklore or plainly reading  a farmer’s almanac.  The prefix words used with “Moon”, such as “Harvest” ( Harvest Moon ) indicate specific  full Moon in given  season. The July’s full Moon is called “Hay Moon” or Thunder Moon”.  The “Harvest Moon” for example, is  full Moon that occurs in September, understood to mark the end of the Summer, and  reminding people to harvest the fruits and vegetable they grew and nourished throughout the  year, before the frosts begin.  The most joyful Christian holiday, Easter or Resurrection , is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, marking also ( symbolically, not chronologically, nor astronomically ) the beginning of the spring.

Auspicious changes of the Moon’s appearance are treated as ominous or prophetic signs, foretelling  often impeding danger, and in the Bible and Christianity in general, are seen as predominantly bad signs


And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring ( Luke 21:25 KJV ) [15]


The Blood Moon, or the Moon which appears red, as If it was  stained with blood, is understood as
Red  moon during eclipse in
April 2014th
omen of war , famine or disease.  In Revelations  prophecy, Moon get’s gradually darker and darker, as the  Angelic horns/trumpets are sounded,   foretelling the second advent.


“I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red” ( Revelation 6:12 NIV  ) [16]


The apocalyptic vision of the women with  New ( Crescent )  Moon under her feet and 12 stars encircling her head, as found in Revelations, is by some seen as  representing the literal women; like Virgin Mary in case of the Catholics, hence the common depiction of Virgin Mary standing on a Crescent Moon ; representing the Church ( Protestants ) ; or the Israel ( Bible scholars, most likely to be true ) :


"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth."   ( Revelation 12:1-2  NIV ) [17]


Some think that the Moon under the Virgin Mary’s feet in some artwork   ties her  with the Isis  ( Ancient Egypt goddess ) symbolism , however, using such broad spectrum  archetypical ideas , as  the Moon, to propose how the two concepts that embody them are one and the same,  is, to a serious person, either ridiculous or plainly moronic. I shall rather leave  such for paranoid conspiracy theorists , or for misinformed, fluffy Neo-Pagans,  those who give paganism a bad name.


Being how Judaism and Christianity share the Old Testament,  the basic “lore” and symbolism of the Moon, is identical in the two  religions. Hence I shall rather speak of concepts which are strictly Judaic in origin here.


Such as association of the Moon with Esther, the Purim ( Jewish holiday ) heroine, whose name comes from the Aramaic word “sihara” which means Moon.  Esther was alleged to be beautiful like the Moon.  But more than just name and physical appearance, Esther and Moon and connected symbolically. The series of event that she had to undergo on her journey  of becoming  heroine of the Hebrew people, are like the Moon’s changes ( phases ) a system of novelty events, which, is opposed to Sun’s ever-present, static, appearance. And like the Moon, the Divine providence in the aforementioned events remains  hidden,  and while seemingly unrelated, this series  of events are steps to a mutual, higher  goal. [18]


The first commandment to appear in Torah  is basically a commandment for the Hebrew people to  establish the Lunar calendar, which they still use, and it says : “hachodesh hazeh lachem," which  literally  translates  to “this month is yours”  ( Exodus 12:2 )


The Hebrew/Jewish people have more deep connection to the Moon on personal level  in comparison  to the Christian people,  at least in general. Which probably has a lot to do with the ritualistic practices associated with the Moon,  the lunar calendar, and more “positive” symbolism of Moon.  For most of Jewish people, the Moon is symbolic of Divine presence, and such idea takes central part in rituals like Kiddush Levana(h) .  The Kiddush Levana(h), or “The sanctification of the Moon ritual”, is a Jewish outdoor ritual, or rather a ceremony since the more people participates, the better, consisting of series of prayers recited to bless the New Moon.  Hence it’s done monthly, from 3 to 14 days after the New Moon ( depending on the weather, and Moon’s  visibility on the sky ). The rite reminds the Hebrew people of G-d’s  magnificent and miraculous  wonders of G-d’s creation, and His omnipresence. [19]

Moon phases and Moon in magick

Moon cycle and phases

Timing magick in accordance with the Moon phases is European magick concept, but it was adopted into many systems. Even some Hoodoo workers, my minority included, observe Moon phases and do spiritual work accordingly  when possible.

Here is  a general guideline with the Moon phases and correspondent type of magickal work

New Moon – New begging, growth, candle magick, money gain, traveler’s safety particularly of the sailors

Waxing Moon ( from New to Full, duration around 14 days  ) – conjuring, invocation, success in career, luck, healing ( gaining health ) , steady money increase, prophetic dreams, divination, glamour magick

Full Moon – Passion, Lust, Fertility, Prophetic dreams, Power gaining, Power boosting, Illusion casting, glamour magick, Necromancy, abundance, Astral projection, Uncrossing magick

Pale Moon or Wanning Moon ( from Full to New, duaration around 11**-14 days ) – Banishment and exorcism magick, Uncrossing magick, Cleansing magick, Wasting something off ,  decreasing it ( for example someone’s many, or warts ) , Healing ( removing sickness ) ,  removing pain and tension, removing inhibitions and blockages

Dark of the Moon” – sometimes, in magick the last three days of the waning part of the Moon cycle, when the Moon cannot be seen on the sky,  are considered the time  when no magick should be done, or  cursing and hexing magick should be done, depending on the schools of thought.

So in  a nutshell, the waxing part of the Moon cycle,  is beneficial for any kind of drawing magick, Full Moon is empowering, almost universally, and the waning part of the Moon cycle is used for banishing magick.

Moon folklore and superstitions


The text in brackets  represents my own comments and notes, the text written in italic are quotes. At the end of the quote/paragraph, the source is provided, least ( the last few cases ) I learned about it as a part of indigenous oral tradition


·         (Not only the silver, which is a Moon’s metal has amuletic  powers,  but the very shape is amuletic too.) “Hebrews wore crescent moons to  ward off the evil eye… and attached bells to  their clothing to ward off evil Spirits” ;  Rosemary Ellen Guiley , “Encyclopedia of Witches, witchcraft and Wicca” 

·         (Drawing down the Moon - The Wiccan ritual, preformed by the Wiccan high priestess, sometimes assisted with the high priest, is  a ritual of channeling, or voluntary possession by Wiccan goddess, akin to the Vodoun possession.) “The origins of Drawing Down the Moon can be found in classical times. Ancient Thessalian witches were believed to control the moon, according to an old tract: “If I command the moon, it will come down; and if I wish to withhold the day, night will linger over my head; andagain, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship, and if I wish to fly through the air, I am free from my weight.” Same as previous, 108th page

·         (Throughout human history , kings loved to identify themselves with the Sun, like Pharaoh in Egypt, or king Louise XIV of the France, but  they also identified with the Moon.) “The Moon also was believed to incarnate on Earth as a king; some lines of kings claimed to be the representatives of the Moon and wore horned headdresses. Eventually, the Man in the

Moon was replaced by the deity of the Moon, who was first a god, then a goddess.  same source,   234th page

·         (Moon is subject of many weather-related divinations. Here are some as found in “Folklore in Adam’s county Illinois”) : “If in the spring a crescent moon hangs like a cradle (rests on its back), the summer will be dry.”  Folklore in Adam’s county Illinois ,  Hyatt

·         "Circle/Ring around the moon,

Brings a storm soon." Same source

·         “Watch for cold weather when the moon is in the north, warm weather when the moon is in the south”.  Same source

·         (I have been told, ever since kid, by many people that hair grows longer  and faster if and when cut on the New Moon day/night, and thicker when during the Full Moon. It’s been recorded in folkloric writings too, like “Folklore in Adam’s county Illinois” ). Here are some of them: “The first morning of a new moon get up and trim your hair before eating or doing anything and it will grow faster.” Same source

·         Hair clipped anytime during the new moon: grows in twice as heavily, makes it longer, or prevents splitting.” Same source

·         Hair can be kept or made thick by trimming it when the moon is full.” Same source

·          The decrease of the moon is a bad time for clipping hair; you will become bald.” Same source

·         Whoever sees a woman combing her hair in the light of a full moon may expect trouble.” Same source

·         Full Moon causes lycanthropy and transformation into werewolves.  Silver, a lunar metal is therefore an anathema to the werewolves. [Widespread European folk belief, also Internationally spread belief ]

·         Full Moon causes lunacy, aggression and hazy mind. Sensitive people wearing Moonstone during Full Moon   may experience hallucinations. [ Widespread beliefs, Internationally ] 

·         Sleeping outside on a Full Moon night can/will drive one crazy. [European ]

·         Drinking from the same spring from which wolves had been drinking, on the Full Moon’s eve will turn a man into werewolf [ Eastern European belief ]

·         Sleeping outside on the night of the Full Moon, or eating Wolf’s meat on the night of the Full Moon can turn men into werewolf [ Eastern European belief ]

·         Sleeping with a Mirror under pillow on the night of the Full Moon will entice dreams in which one sees their future spouse/loved one. [ Widely spread European belief ]
Some commonly  encountered names for Full Moon, in each month according to Native American and Celtic heritage. If some month happens to have more than one Full Moon, the first one  is the one  that bears the folk name, while the second one is plainly referred to as "Blue Moon". This occurs   rarely ( every year and a half or so ) hence the expression "Once in a blue moon" :)
Moon correspondences and magick

According to the Clavicula Solomonis  ( Book I, Chapter 2nd ) “day and hour of Luna”  are proficient for following magickal operations/ types of work:

For embassies; voyages; envoys; messages; navigation; reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by water. For making experiments relating to recovery of stolen property,  for obtaining nocturnal visions, for  summoning Spirits in sleep, and for preparing anything related to water.” [20]

Following are some basic Moon’s planetary correspondences:

·         Numbers: 9, 81, 369, 3321

·         Element: Water

·         Archangel: Gabriel

·         Plants: Camphor, Moonwort, Moonflower ( Datura inoxia ), Adder’s tongue,  Angel’s trumpet, Hyssop, Lemon, Evening Primrose, Myrrh, Willow, Jasmine, Oleander, Aloe, Cucumber, Cotton, Gardenia, Poppies, Water lettuce, Water Lilly, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Speedwell, Sweet flag, Irish Moss and  others too

·         Crystals: Aquamarine, Beryl, Chalcedony Crystal, Quartz , Moonstone, Mother-of-Pearl
Pearl, Sapphire, Selenite [21]

·         Kabalistic Tree of life sphere: Yesod 
Fourth Pentacle of the Moon, from Clavicula Solomonis,
said to protect wearer's body and  soul from injuries. It's Angel
Sophiel is also said to bestow knowledge on plants and
minerals to those who carry this pentacle and invoke him.

·         Metal: silver

·         Olympic spirit ( ruler ): Phul

·         Intelligence : Malcha betharsithim

·         Colors(s) : White, Blue, Silver

Consult these  correspondences  when writing spells that  focus on Moon’s planetary power, or when making Moon talismans.

Spells and  Formulae

Lunar Slime

Lunar slime is basically Moonlight infused water, and is used in magickal practice for any spells of Lunar nature, or whenever spell calls for consecrated water.  Variations  may exists, but essentially all one needs is:

·         Jar or glass container

·         Spring water

·         Light of the Full Moon

Fill the jar or the container to the rim with the spring  water, and set it so that it reflects the Full Moon on the sky. Keep it in this position as long as possible, You can move it around If You wish, or leave overnight on some elevated  place that should get enough Moonlight  until the morning.

Origins of the lunar slime lay in Thessalian witchcraft, where the witches were once believed to control the Moon.

However, according to Judika Illes, similar ritual exists in Mediterranean regions, and Morocco for example, where the Moon’s power is even manifested in form of so called “Moon foam”.  To obtain this spectacular, mysterious and enchanting  substance,  practitioner must, however perform a somewhat complex  ritual, which included running naked 7 times around a graveyard,  at night, with a Oleander branch, speaking incantations. As a result Moon’s guardian spirit should appear, and after some negotiation  give practitioner the Moon foam, which will from the drippings falling from the Moon itself.

Waxing Moon money spell

The following is a spell by Lady Sabrina, author of “The Witches MasterGrimoire , a fine little reference book :

“Items needed:
·         One silver candle,
·         1 tsp. ground allspice,
·         almond oil.

On the night of the waxing moon, inscribe the silver candle with the exact amount of money you need. Rub the candle with the almond oil as you chant the following:

As the moon doth wax and grow
So to me doth money flow.

Once you feel the candle is thoroughly charged with your wish, roll it in the allspice and light. Allow the candle to burn for one hour and then extinguish. Repeat this spell each night, at the same time, until the moon is full. On the night of the full moon allow the candle to burn out.” [22]

Charm to understand dream symbolism and for prophetic dreams

In a pale blue conjure bag, or hex bag combine:
·         Aquamarine or Chalcedony
·         Hebrew charm inscription ( from right to left ) Hey-Lamed-Aleph-Vau-Hey-Hey-Lamed-Aleph-Kaf-Hey-Hey-Caf-Ayin-Yod-Kaf-Vau

·           Some Mugwort or Bay Laurel leaf

Combine and make under the light of Full Moon, and place bellow pillow when going to sleep.                       

Basic Moon oil

Versatile, use for any kind of Moon related magick

·         Myrrh resin
·         Lemon essential oil
·         Willow leafs

In a base of Olive oil  

Lunar inspiration oil

For spiritual work, healing, inspiration and drawing benevolent spirits
·         Myrrh resin
·         Sandalwood powder or essential oil
·         Gardenia petals ( or essential oil )
·         OPTIONAL: Jasmine flower or  few drops Jasmine absolute oil

In base of Olive oil.

Moon purification oil

For purification and cutting ties with unwanted, or harmful people. For getting rid of leftover energy and energy imprints from nasty people. For casting off evil influences.

·         Eucalyptus essential oil
·         Lemon essential oil
·         Camphor resin ( small chunk ) or few drops of essential oil
·         OPTIONAL: pinch of Blessed

In a base of Olive oil.

Hope You enjoyed this and hope You find it useful and/or informative
LUV Shadow :)

NOTES: This article was written/composed by myself, hence should  You wish to use any part  of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits: "Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post.


* “ those having seizures”;  in the old Greek Bible versions it clearly says: “seleniazomai” which means, plainly and simply: “lunatic” , or “moon-struck” ,  not someone with seizures

**While the waning Moon phase/cycle is equal in duration like the waxing, in Magick, the last three days of waning part of the Moon cycle are often treated separately and referred to as the “dark of the Moon”
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The first image is from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/75/Skogsoy_moonlight.JPG used here for illustrative purposes only, without any ill will.
The second image, one showing Lunar eclipse is from:http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/140411163406-03-lunar-eclipse-0414-restricted-horizontal-gallery.jpg also used here for illustrative purposes, without any ill will.
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The fourth image / chart is made by myself. The fifth image is from the "The Great Key of Solomon the King" and is edited digitally  by myself, for it's posting and use here
The image of the Hebrew charm, or the sixth image is by myself 

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