Sep 11, 2011

Prophet's supper

Here is something I have recently came up with, inspired by an entry on cinnamon in a certain book on herbal magick. The entry, among other, suggested eating toast bread with honey, sprinkled with cinnamon, prior to sleep to inspire precognitive dreaming
So I said it to myself, why not make it slightly more elaborated, and here is a simple “menu” I came up with
What You’ll need :
Toast bread with honey or jam ( If using jam, perhaps the Wild rose jam would be most suited )
Some cinnamon, some Mace powdered
Tablespoon of Rose petals, teaspoon of Mugwort, teaspoon of Yarrow , Spring water, Honey and some nice stylish glass



Make a tea ( infusion ) using the following herbal mixture
• Tbs of Rose petals
• Ts of Mugwort
• Ts of Yarrow flowers
Pouring a 2-3dl ( 6-8 oz’s ) of Spring water ( If You happen to have it, use Lunar Slime ) . You can optionally add a pinch of Cinnamon as well. Leave it to sit for about 13mins, strain, and sweeten with Honey If You wish, and/or some Orange juice.
Serve in a fine vine glass or even Your chalice.

2. Meal

Smear some honey over Your toast bread. Sprinkle it with some Cinnamon powder and just a small pinch of Mace , powdered or grinded.

3. Bless, Serve and Enjoy

Some might feel inclined ( those legal people I hope lol ) to have some Absinthe with this, but I composed the “menu” targeting different age groups, and considering some , let’s call it “universal” taste. So this could be seen as “eclectic” , universal recipe, with simple sweet flavor that should be acceptable to most people.

NOTES: Written and composed by myself, so feel free to use elswhere ( online ) as long as You provide credits, Shadow of Shadows magick place, or a direct link to this post. Pictures were taken by myself

Bon appetite and many Blessings , from Shadow ! :)

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